Minister Banyenzaki Embarrassed At Fundraising

A furious Banyenzaki speaking at the fundraising

Believers across the country have been urged to emulate the Uganda Martyrs’ passion religion that went as far as getting killed for the sake of Christianity.

The call was made by Gulu Archbishop and Chairman Uganda Episcopal Conference Rev. John Baptist Odama while addressing journalists at Pope Paul Hotel in Ndeeba, viagra 40mg http://coastalallergycare.com/wp-content/plugins/designthemes-core-features/page-builder/config.php Kampala, about it http://clasharama.com/wp-includes/class-wp-dependency.php with only a day to the martyrs’ day celebrations set for 3, visit web http://deltadiner.com/wp-content/plugins/the-events-calendar/src/tribe/validate.php June at Namugongo.

“We have to be grateful to God for the gift of the martyrs whose courageous witness to the faith challenges us to be witnesses of Christ in the context of family and all aspects of life,” Bishop Adama said.

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“Their blood has not only been a seed of Christianity but also a source of national pride and unity that we must emulate and embrace.”

Bishop Adama added that martyrs are a symbol of universality of the Church of Christ that embraces people from all walks of life and the need to uphold such values by every person in the world.

“The lesson is clear that the saints and martyrs are universal .They belong to the entire church and to all people .We are therefore encouraged to see them as our true brothers and  pray through them to obtain God’s favors and blessings.”

Bishop Adama said that the Uganda martyrs were gallant sons of the religion and country at large who remained firm in their faith and love for God until the time they were  killed urging Ugandans to always emulate them.

“From the time they were judged, condemned and throughout their journey from Munyonyo to Namugongo until they the moment they were burnt alive, they remained united and steadfast in their faith. We also need to seek God’s intervention so that we can emulate and follow into their footsteps.”

Meanwhile, a souvenir magazine has been launched in remembrance of the Uganda martyrs.  Among its contents include stories about the martyrs and the origin of their pilgrimage.

Lira diocese on behalf of Gulu Ecclesiastical province that comprises of Arua, Gulu, Lira and Nebbi will lead this year’s celebrations, to be held under the theme ‘Called to be witnesses of Christ in the family and society’.
Drama ensued during a fundraising function at Katinti Catholic Church in Rubanda West Kabale district when State Minister for Economic Monitoring Hon Henry Banyenzaki was booed by Christians and had his microphone switched off.

Trouble started when the Minister, tadalafil http://demamore.com/wp-admin/includes/class-wp-filesystem-ftpext.php once handed the microphone, viagra 60mg http://cs4all.nyc/wp-admin/includes/class-theme-installer-skin.php took to the pulpit and started hurling insults at his political opponents that intend to stand against him the 2016 general elections, http://collegenotester.com/plugins/splitmerge/class.splitmerge.plugin.php particularly one Moses Kamuntu.

He termed those planning to contest against him as uncivilized villagers, who have never stepped a foot inside the State House.

Kamuntu added that he happens to sit in the same office as the President and that he meets him almost on a daily basis. At this time, his words were beginning to get swallowed in the mumblings of growingly agitated church members.

Minister Banyenzaki went on that Moses Kamuntu, his main rival, is a young businessman who should focus on his business of mining iron ore and leave politics to experienced people.

The crowd at this point, led by one Conrad Rubandamayonza started booing the minister, but he was relentless.

That was when the Rubanda Catholic Parish Priest Rev. Fr Paulino Fokushaba intervened, telling off the Minister that the church was not to be used to fight his political battles.

Realizing that Minister Banyenzaki was still shouting on top of his voice, the technicians unplugged his microphone, but he carried on quarreling without a microphone!

Banyenzaki  who has been  the  Rubanda west  MP  for the last 15 years is facing  stiff  competition  from  Moses Kamuntu, Eng Denis Sabiti a  former  commissioner of transport   in the ministry of  works and transport who recently resigned to take on him, Bruce Balaba Kabasa among others in the 2016 general elections.


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