Minister Banyenzaki Dragged To Court Over Shs 360,000 Debt

Minister Banyenzaki at a recent function in Kabale

Opposition Forum for Democratic Change (FDC) spokesperson, buy John Kikonyogo has attacked government plans to compel all public schools have a nursery section so as to improve numeracy and literacy skills among primary pupils.

Kikonyogo told journalists at the party headquarters that the proposal by the ministry of education and sports sounded more of a political statement than a reality in strengthening academic levels in public schools.

“The government should instead consider bettering the Universal Primary Education (UPE) than jumping on a new task that it can’t sustain since nursery sections are currently proving to be more expensive to maintain than primary section, look ” Kikonyogo noted.

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“The poor remuneration of teachers, poor infrastructure and poor facilitation of teachers all account to the poor performance in UPC schools.”

The Ministry of Education reportedly proposed that all public primary schools obtain a nursery section to improve numeracy and literacy skills in primary-going children.

According to the assistant commissioner primary, Dr Tony Lusambu, there are continued reports showing majority of Primary Three pupils failing to grasp literacy and numeracy skills which is due to lack of training that they would have acquired through nursery training.

On the other hand, Kikonyogo accused government of failing to provide enough medical facilities in the health centers around the country.

“We can’t praise government for the construction of health centers which at the same time lack enough staff, equipment and drugs,” Kikonyogo said.

He added that a hospital becomes one and of help if it has got doctors and drugs but otherwise it remains just a building like another.

“Just considering the country’s biggest referral hospital- Mulago, a doctor is supposed to attend to over 100 patients and there are literally no drugs to offer to patients.”

Kikonyogo called on government to ensure that the two services of health and education are re-equipped to ensure that Ugandans live satisfied in their country.


State minister for economic monitoring in the office of the President Hon Henry Banyenzaki is facing litigation in Kabale, healing after local businessman Johnson Ndyabanawe dragged him to court for Shs 360, 000  that the minister owes him.

Ndyabanawe says that Banyenzaki hired his two trucks to ferry supporters from different villages in Rubanda West constituency to the Muko Sub-county playground where President Museveni was addressing a rally on January 15.

He says that the Minister only managed to pay Shs840, 000 leaving a balance of Shs360, 000 which he has failed to clear despite several reminders.

Ndyabanawe in his notice of demand dated 12th February 2015 which he has lodged in the Chief Magistrates Court in Kabale under the small claims, requires Banyenzaki to settle the debt within 14 days and failure to comply, the complainant shall obtain decree for the same amount of money claimed together with expenses permitted by court.

“You are required within fourteen days from the service of this demand notice to pay or settle the debt mentioned. If you pay or settle the debts I will give you a receipt acknowledging settlement of the debt owing. If you fail to comply  with this notice of demand  within the fourteen days  I will file a claim  against you under small claims  to obtain n decree  for  the amount claimed together with expenses permitted by court   “ reads in part the demand notice.

When our reporter contacted the minister Banyenzaki he said the claim is false and threatened to deal with the complainant for tainting his name.

“The claims are false and aimed at tainting my reputation. That man must be mad because I have never contracted him. I have not received the demand notice as of now but I am ready to challenge it,” Banyenzaki said.



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