Military Overthrows Government in Burkina Faso

Minister for water and environment Prof. Ephraim Kamuntu has said that his Sheema South constituency has a history of electoral fraud where bribery has become the order of the day.

Prof. Kamuntu cited the 1996 elections where a certain member of parliament whose names he retained exhibited what he called the highest level of cheating he ever saw.

In the last elections he said, help that a registrar announced wrong results, and when he was approached he referred the complainants to go and appeal well knowing that where they would go ‘was already compromised.’

Kamuntu expressed fear that similar or worse scenarios could reoccur in the coming 2016 general elections at all levels.

The Minister was speaking to hundreds of residents at Bugongi play ground on Tuesday, at the launch of his candidature to contest for Sheema South Member of Parliament seat.

Kamuntu reported that a number of locals had approached him claiming that some people came to them seeking for their national ID serial numbers in exchange for money.

He noted that security in the country needed to rise up and investigate the matter.

“Today I found one of the candidates arranging with the[NRM] registrar on how the election program should run. Surely a candidate cannot sit with the registrar to decide for other candidates. Besides the registrar should be impartial. That’s why we are drawing attention very early because we don’t want it to happen again, these elections should be free and fair so that the deserving candidate wins,” he said.

At the same function, Minister Kamuntu asked residents to know what’s good for them and to collectively take responsibility for their votes which will help them vote leaders of their choice and do away with leaders who promise air.


Members of Burkina Faso’s presidential guard — who have seized the president and government leaders — announced Thursday they had “dissolved” the country’s political institutions and vowed to organise “inclusive elections”.

Lieutenant-Colonel Mamadou Bamba appeared on national television to declare a new “National Democratic Council” had put an end “to the deviant regime of transition” in the west African state and Burkina’s interim president had been stripped of his powers.

“The National Transition Council has been… dissolved… Wide-ranging talks are being held to form a government… to lead to inclusive and peaceful elections, ask ” he added.

Interim parliament speaker Cheriff Sy told the French radio station RFI that what was happening was “clearly a coup” and called on the people to “immediately rise up” in response.

On Wednesday, viagra approved members of the presidential guard who are loyal to ousted ex-leader Blaise Compaore burst into a cabinet meeting and seized President Michel Kafando, medical Prime Minister Isaac Zida and two ministers.

UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon and the European Union (EU) have condemned the leaders’ detention and called for their immediate release.

Compaore was toppled in October 2014 and fled into exile in Ivory Coast after an uprising triggered by his attempt to extend his 27-year rule.



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