Militants Kill 2 in Rwanda Attack, Escape to Burundi

Rwanda Military Intelligence has commenced investigations into circumstances under which heavily-armed militants attacked a town along the Burundi border, recipe killing two people.
Army spokesperson Lt Col Rene Ngendahimana said the raid occurred after midnight, raising concerns about possible infiltration by rebels.
“This morning, at around 0100hrs in Rusizi District, Bugarama Sector, Ryankana cell, Kabuga village, unidentified armed group attacked and killed two civilians and wounded one,” said Ngendahimana in a statement on Sunday.
He said “one of the killed persons and the wounded were on irondo at Health Post, while the second victim was a 12-year-old boy.”
The latest development could trigger tension between the two countries.
Burundi has previously accused Rwanda of supporting militants planning to topple President Pierre Nkurunziza whose controversial third term triggered violent riots and bloodshed.
On the other hand, Kigali believes the FDLR militia has been active in Burundi and raising a force to attack Rwanda.
Both countries deny the counter accusations.
Several Burundian refugees including former soldiers sought refuge in Rwanda in the wake of an internal political conflict that gripped Bujumbura two years ago.
Rwanda’s response to the attack remains unclear but could see heightened military deployments at the border with Burundi.
Ngendahimana said the “unidentified gunmen withdrew to Burundi as the incident took place near the border with Burundi.”
He concluded: “Investigations into the incident have started to establish the identity of the attackers.”


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