Election 2016

Migereko Quits Elective Politics

Minister Daudi Migereko


Lands and Housing Minister, drug unhealthy http://cosmopolitan.taconeras.net/wp-content/plugins/w3-total-cache/extensions/cloudflare/cloudflaresettings.php Hon. Daudi Migereko has declared his retirement from elective politics.

The legislator, this web who has for the last 19 years represented Butembe Constituency in Jinja, made the announcement days after he lost the NRM ticket to his strong contender Nelson Lufafa, a pastor.

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“I would like to take this opportunity to profoundly thank my entire team and all of my supporters for the tireless effort they have put into the just concluded National Resistance Movement (NRM) primary elections,” Hon. Migereko’s statement seen by ChimpReports on Friday morning reads in part.

Much as he was not fully contented with the election results, the Minister made it clear that he would not protest it.

“Although I have very strong reservations about the outcome of the elections, I don’t intend to challenge them formally. In fact, I will be leaving elective politics.”

Migereko’s involvement in elective politics began with his election as LC IV councillor Jinja Municipality in the 1980s.

He has served in various Ministerial positions in the Museveni administration including; State Minister for Energy and Minerals and Minister of Trade, Tourism and Industry, where he served until 2006.

In 2011, he was assigned to the Ministry of Lands and Urban Development Ministry as a full cabinet minister.

“I do not take your unwavering support for granted. I thank you very much for your love and trust. I have worked very hard to live up to your faith in me, and to bring the desired transformation to our community. I have enjoyed every bit of it and serving you has been a very humbling experience,” said Migereko.


He expressed appreciation to his supporters for being agents of development in Butembe constituency.

“I encourage you all to re-channel your efforts toward the continued development of the constituency, the region and the country,” he asserted.

The legislator intends to dedicate more time his personal life; family, business and development issues in other capacities.

He hailed his family for making the sacrifice and letting him dedicate undivided attention to serving the people of Butembe, the NRM government, the President and the country.

As Minister Migereko who happens to be one of the longest serving lawmakers from Busoga hangs his legislative career in the shelf, it remains unclear whether this was not an obvious move to soothe his defeat.

It’s said that Pr. Nelson Lufafa has made significant contribution in Butembe constituency even without holding a political position.

Some of this includes building schools and health facilities, donating an ambulance and starting a scholarship for needy children.


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