MIDDLE EAST SUCCESS: Children Have Returned Hope to Family – Parents

Like Robin Sharma, a Canadian writer-cum-leadership speaker once said, one’s destiny unfolds according to the choices one makes – and so the Katende family of Rwiziringyiro II village in Kaberebere, Isingiro district is yet another crew of celebrants aboard the Middle East “Success-ship.”

Three years ago, Hassan Katende and his wife, Jannat Katende, embraced the idea of paving way to prosperity for their 3 children Hadadi Katende, Fatuma and Nassim Serungaya through Middle East  consultants  limited (MECL), a renown labour  exporting  company in Uganda.

A few weeks ago, Gordon Mugyenyi, the managing director MECL together with Bukedde TV’s Innocent Tegusulwa visited Katende’s upcountry home to check on how the children have benefited from working in the Middle East.

A house built by Katende's son Hadadi

Katende’s house

To receive their visitors, the Katende’s organized organized a small dinner, and took a walk around the family land as they shared experiences.

Speaking to Mugyenyi, Katende said, “I’m grateful to Middle East Consultants because they have given a chance to my children to create a strong foundation through working abroad. Right here is Hadadi’s residential house. (He said pointing to the house).”

The family currently stays in Hadadi’s house.

The 25-year-old has been in Dubai for two-and-a-half years.

Hadadi Katende's house

Hadadi Katende’s house

Besides constructing a house, he also bought a big piece of land for his family at Shs8.3m.

Whenever he received his salary, his father said, “I would collect it and invest it in buying produce. After accumulating enough savings, I bought land, then after we managed to put up this house.”

Fatuma Sserungaya is also in Dubai.

A plot of land that was bought by Fatuma Sserungaya

A plot of land that was bought by Fatuma Sserungaya

She has been there for 2 years.

In the two years, she has managed to buy land worth Shs17.5m, on which a banana plantation has been established.

She is 25.

Another girl in the family, Nassim works from Al Ain, and she has been there since 2013.

She works at Al Ain Center for Care and Rehabilitation.

During the visit, she was at home on a vacation.

Nassim didn’t hesitate to show Mugyenyi and Tegusulwa around her house which was still under construction.

Nassim's house that is under construction

Nassim’s house that is under construction

Nassim said she plans on using part of the building for her accommodation, and then the other part for commercial purposes.

The MECL director contributed Shs1.5 million to purchase cement to help in the plastering phase of construction.

He also pledged two Fresian cows towards the marriage preparations of Hadadi Katende due February next year.

MECL gives that gift to every one of their products on their wedding day, according to Mugyenyi.

The children’s mother, Janat, expressed how she was filled with excitement by the progress her children have made.

Mugyenyi giving the money to Nassim's dad

Mugyenyi giving the money to Nassim’s dad

“I am extremely stunned by the achievements, given the conditions we were in before these kids went abroad. We thank Middle East Consultants for considering our children, and more so my husband for properly managing the funds of our children.”

To this, the father added, “I never had a car, but after my daughter going abroad, she gave me Shs8m to which I added Shs3m and bought a car. I also put on Dubai-made outfit now.”

MECL Director

Gordon Mugyenyi appreciated Katende for “properly planning for his children’s money”, stating that “our objective is to send these children abroad such that on returning they become responsible citizens.”

Nassim's house

Nassim’s house

He added: “Going abroad doesn’t only benefit the family, but society as whole. For instance, when you are buying construction materials, you get them from local shops, giving business to traders and also more work to labourers.”

He also noted that if all parents “emulated you (the Katendes), this country would be so far development wise.”

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