Middle East Consultants Extend Wings to Saudi Arabia

Middle East Consultants Limited (MEC), page a top consultancy and recruitment company in Uganda has extended its area of operation to Saudi Arabia.

The development was revealed on Tuesday afternoon by MEC Managing Director, information pills Gordon Mugyenyi as the company sent off a batch of 50 youths to work as waiters, cashiers and cooks at McDonald’s restaurant in Saudi Arabia’s capital, Riyad.

“McDonald’s asked us to get them a total of 600 workers and this first batch is like a test drive. We are going to be sending groups of 100 in the next rounds,” said Mugyenyi.

“In Saudi Arabia, they asked us to send only males but in other countries we shall be sending ladies too,” he added.

MEC’s areas of operation formerly included United Arab Emirates, Qatar and Bahrain. This was the first time the company was taking workers to Saudi Arabia and the Managing Director is optimistic that the opened door will create more opportunities for Ugandan youths.

“You are going to Saudi Arabia, I request you to behave well because you are now Uganda’s ambassadors there. If you perform well, there will be many opportunities for your colleagues to also come and get jobs,” Mugyenyi told the youths during the send off ceremony.

He urged them to work wholeheartedly and earn money since it’s the prime reason why they were going. He however warned them against forgetting where they came from advising them to remember to help their parents and siblings.

Mugyenyi thanked the Police for the good role played in combating human trafficking and illegal recruiters who he say paint a bad picture of other recruitment companies.

“Recruitment companies have an association and we work closely with the police. No one can pass the airport without a license,” he said.

Asked to comment about the security of the recruits, especially since humanitarian reports have indicated Saudi Arabia among the top countries mistreating workers, Mugyenyi stressed that the company takes care of their workers even after they have gone abroad.

“We are going to follow up and assess the conditions under which our people are working. Personally, I am going to visit them next week and we also do quarterly visits to check on how our people are fairing on,” he said.

“Illegal recruiters dump you there and they never check on you. That’s how people end up being mistreated. For us at Middle East, we follow up and make sure our workers are living well so as to get what to tell their parents back in Uganda.”


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