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Mentally Ill Ugandan Man Killed by Police in U.S.


A 30-year-old Uganda born U.S citizen named Alfred Olango was Tuesday shot and killed by police in San Diego, prostate http://culinaryhealthfund.org/wp-content/plugins/contact-form-7/includes/functions.php California, witnesses have reported.

Olango who is said to have been mentally sick was shot by a police officer moments after the deceased’s sister called for assistance from authorities.

She said her brother had started acting in an odd way which prompted her to seek police help.

In a live video posted online by a bystander after the incident, the sister is heard shouting at police for killing Olango yet she asked them to help him.

In a statement released by Police, Olango was shot outside the Broadway Village shopping center, before dying in hospital.

Police further confirmed that the deceased was not armed but that he was adamant to take his hands from his pocket before pulling out an object.

This prompted one of the officers to use a stun-gun while another fired his weapon because they felt threatened.

“At one point, the subject rapidly drew an object from his front pants pocket, placed both hands together and extended them rapidly toward the officer taking up what appeared to be a shooting stance,” the statement adds.

“At this time, the officer with the electronic control device discharged his weapon. Simultaneously the officer with the firearm discharged his weapon several times, striking the subject.”

The two officers involved in the shooting, have since been placed on administrative leave pending the investigation.

According to CBS8, a local news agency, witnesses faulted the two officers for rushing to open fire and that Olango had suffered a seizure shortly before the shooting.

African Americans took to the streets to protest continued racial segregation, accusing police for targeting blacks.

America has in recent months witnessed a string of deaths of black people who are shot by police for allegedly possessing guns and resisting arrest.

At least 217 black Americans have been killed by police so far this year.


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