Meet the Ugandan Running for Toronto Mayor

Time and time again we have heard of the saying that miracles never cease and that there is a reason for everything and Oweka-Arac Ongwen, what is ed abortion the Ugandan who is running for the Toronto Mayor seat (2014) is true testimony to that.

Growing up in the war-torn northern Uganda region specifically Gulu district, cheapest more about Ongwen would never have dreamt that he would one day be in the race for Toronto’s top job. Ongwen says he left Uganda and sought refugee status in Kenya after which he fled to Canada where he resides today.

The 49-year-old machine operator is so confident that he can win the race since he believes everybody has a chance in politics. Ongwen moved to Canada under the resettlement program in 1996, leaving behind his wife and two children in Gulu, Uganda. He hopes to bring them to Canada one day, he said.

In a recent interview, Ongwen explained how proud his family was when he told them that he was running for mayor of the fourth biggest city in North America. “It is good for the family. They are excited and it is showing my children leadership,” he said.

Ongwen promises to rectify all the transport problems for example congestion that affect the poor people who use public means since he has experienced them all. He also promises to make life easier for the coloured people and provide affordable housing to all those who need it in case he is voted into power.

Ongwen believes he is qualified to be Toronto’s next mayor since he is both hard working and a great listener who will work for the good of everyone. He also promises to increase service delivery and restore some of the jobs that have been cut.

He is also confident about winning the elections and is happy he is setting a good example for his children in Uganda.


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