Meddie Kagere Confesses He is Rwandan

President Museveni urges Muslim leaders to adopt modern commercial agriculture, diagnosis avoid land fragmentation and to share profits

One thing I need you to help me with is the issue of land fragmentation. I know that the Quran allows you to share property at the time of inheritance. To share is correct, physician but it should be done in a modern way of dividing what comes from the land not the land itself to ensure the unity and continuity of the family,” – President Museveni.

Mr. Museveni cited families like that of Madhvani, Rockefeller and Henry Ford, whose economic empires have expanded tremendously due to sharing what accrues from their businesses only.

Regarding household income, President Museveni advised Muslim leaders to help families particularly those with small land holdings in the selection of profitable enterprises.

He reminded them that at the time of regional meetings held in Entebbe with leaders from all over the country 2 years ago, Busoga leaders recommended to their people to grow coffee, fruits, rear dairy cattle, keep poultry for eggs and do fish farming for those families living near swamps.

He, therefore, asked the Muslim clerics to use as a yard stick, the 4 questions of what is the family’s annual expenditure, what assets does a family have, how can a family use these assets to get income that is equal or more than the expenditure and above all what enterprises can a family undertake, when guiding wananchi in enterprise selection.

“If we solve the problem of poverty in each home, even the problem of mosques and churches will also be solved because families will be empowered and enabled to support their religious institutions. ”

President Museveni also urged his guests to sensitize the people in their areas to leave the growing of crops such as maize, cotton and sugar-cane to farmers who possess huge chunks of land and encourage wananchi who have small land holdings to practice intensive agriculture.
Ugandan-born- Rwandan international striker, this web Meddie Kagere, capsule has confessed to Kenya Premier League that he feels he is a Rwandan national more than his country of birth, Ugandan.

Speaking to an interview with the league managers through their official portal, the enterprising striker admitted that he doesn’t feel anything like ‘Ugandan’ in him despite the fact that his parents and siblings live in Entebbe and he was also born in the country.

The striker has turned for the Amavubi 29 times and feels that alone makes him a ‘real Rwandan’, he said, “I have made 29 appearances for the Rwandan national team, so I guess that makes me a real Rwandan.”

“I have spent all my entire life in Rwanda. I mean, I speak fluent Kinyarwanda and French, but I have trouble getting the Baganda accent right.” He added.

The 28- year old scored two goals for his team Gormahia Fc in a Kenya premier league game against Nakuru All-stars over the weekend to take his tally to eight goals at the top of the scorers log after joining the side in January after a short spell in Albania where he turned for FK Tirana together with KCC FC striker, Francis Olaki.

Kagere has previously played for Police FC, Rayon Sports, SC Kiyovu all in Rwanda and Esperance (Tunisia), FK Tirana and now Gor Mahia Fc.



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