Mbarara’s Bishop J.B. Kakubi Passes On

RIP: Bishop JB Kakubi has died

Simba Telecom tycoon Patrick has been shoved in negative light in his home district of Ibanda, try where locals are accusing him of assaying to sabotage an opposition political rally.

Bitature, visit who is also chairman board of directors of power distributors UMEME, has been listed amongst the country’s super rich, who are fueling the campaigns of National Resistance Movement presidential candidate Yoweri Museveni.

Last week while Museveni’s strongest opponent Col Kizza Besigye was campaigning in the western district, Bitature is said to have tried to use his wealth to dissuade locals from attending the rally at the Saza ground.

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According to residents, the tycoon and renowned farmer slaughtered a number of cows at his posh house in Kyaruhanga village and called on the locals to come and feast on the day that Besigye was supposed be addressing the rally.

“Some of us went and ate the meat, and then rushed back to the rally,” confided one of the locals on phone.

Other reports indicate that Mr Bitature had promised Shs 20,000 to every bodaboda cyclist which they were to pick from his home, and refrain from joining the opposition rally.

Some locals however informed Chimpreports that this money was not given out to the cyclists, sparking wild outrage.

Mr Bitature however, has come out to dismiss these reports as “preposterous,” and termed those ‘spreading the rumors’ as ‘uncanny individuals’

“That would be way below the belt and a very negative gesture. Certainly not me,” he retorted in a brief statement.

He added, “A progressive person does not move anti-clockwise if progress is clockwise. From a political perspective, Uganda as a country is like an adolescent child going through the motions of growth, with lots of hormonal changes.”

“I remain optimistic that we shall overcome the challenges of today especially for the youth, and eventually find the best path for sustainable growth for all. Other nations went though similar challenges in the past. Let’s remain calm and collected during this period and vote wisely.”
Christians in Mbarara Archdiocese and the Catholic Church in Uganda as a whole are mourning the demise of Bishop Emeritus John Baptist Kakubi, order who just passed away.

The 86 year old celebrated cleric in western Uganda breathed his last morning in Kampala.

Bishop Kakubi according to sources in the Catholic Church, more about has been battling hypertension at Kampala Hospital where he died this morning.

Born on September 23, back in 1929, Bishop Kakubi was the first African Bishop for Mbarara Diocese.

Throughout his life, he became a household name in the western region though his work as a church leader, a philanthropist, industrialist and educationist.

Bishop Kakubi served as a priest from 1960 to 1969 when he was ordained Bishop of Mbarara, a position he served until November 1991 when he retired.

By the time of his death, Kakubi was spending his retirement years at Kagongo Parish in Ibanda District.


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