Mbarara: UPDF Retires 70 With Caution

Retired UPDF officers exit the quarter guard at Makenke barracks

The second division commander of Makenke Army Barracks Col. Fred Karara yesterday saw off 71 retiring army officers including Major Gen. Henry Okwang.

While presiding over the event, visit web Col. Karara urged the retired UPDF soldiers to optimally utilize their retirement package.

“I know a good number of you have participated in a number of campaigns and acquired a lot of skills; a lot has been paid to you, so go home and put it to good use,” he said.

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Makenke 2nd Division Commander Col Fred Karara

Makenke 2nd Division Deputy Commander Col Fred Karara

Maj. Henry Okwang who served the force for the past 36 years advised fellow retirees to leave harmoniously with the people in the community and help in maintaining security.

“Don’t accept to be misled and recruited into negative forces or subversive activities like political organizations aimed at destabilizing peace of this country,” Maj. Henry Okwang  advised.

The 2nd division spokesperson Capt. King Arthur Timbaganya told Chimpreports that the army officers voluntarily applied for the retirement through the UPDF procedures.

“This has been a voluntary retirement; soldiers at all ranks seek permission to go back home and be good ambassadors,” he said.

He advised the retired officers to be alert and respond quickly when called back to serve in the force when need arises.

This month alone, a total of 311 army officers have been retired at 2nd Division Makenke and over 1500 nationally.


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