Mbarara Regional Mortuary Shut Down, Police Stranded

Mbarara's Main Mortuary which was closed yesterday

Mbarara’s Main Mortuary which is situated inside Mbarara University of Science and Technology (MUST) has been temporarily shut down by administrators on health grounds.

Owing to the increasing foul stench that was emanating from the structure, ampoule advice and the rising concerns from the students and staff, the university leaders said it was necessary to shut it down and find a lasting solution.

The morgue which receives dozens of bodies on a daily basis is housed in the same building that has a number of university offices and lecture rooms.

MUST Public Relations Officer Mr. Denis Lukaya told Chimpreports this morning that the mortuary, which is used by Mbarara Regional Referral Hospital, has never been rehabilitated in last 20 years.

The decision to shut the facility down followed the complete breakdown of its refrigeration system according to Mr Lukaya.

Prof. Samuel Maling, the Dean Faculty of Medicine revealed that Police has been directed to stop bringing in more bodies.

Prof. Samuel Maling, (in set) says the Mortuary's refrigeration system has to be refurbished

Prof. Samuel Maling, (in set) says the Mortuary’s refrigeration system has to be refurbished first

He noted that the mortuary was put up to help the post graduate and undergraduate doctors, nurses, and pharmacy students in the university, “but not a dumping area for decomposed bodies as has been the case lately.”

He put the blame on Mbarara Municipal Council, which unlike many others in the country has failed to put up its own mortuary.

While the bodies from the Mbarara Referral Hospital are “fresh and easy to treat” the Dean says the morgue has been grappling with those brought from the field by police, most which are decomposed.

He said resources would have to be pulled together and a contractor found to refurbish the refrigeration system, before the facility is reopened for operation.

“About four years ago we had discussed on the matter with police, but they too have no other solutions,” he said.

Amidst an increasing number of murder cases in the region, police will have to find other ways of dealing with recovered bodies.

The University Dean advised the police officers, to examine the bodies and the scene of crime and get rid of them.



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