Mbarara RDC Fears Christmas Could End in Famine

Mbarara RDC Capt. Martha Asiimwe urged  people to prepare for the famine and avoid extravagance during Christmas.

The president’s representative in Mbarara has advised locals to avoid extravagance during Christmas, web fearing that famine might break out next year.

Capt. Martha Asiimwe advised locals in Kashaka Bubaare Sub County yesterday during a food security meeting to desist from selling all their food to traders to ensure there are food secure.

“The worst of it all people now have greed for money and sell all their food to international traders from Burundi, Rwanda and Tanzania; you must take care, those letting these big vehicles take away all the food from the villages are in the wrong” she warned.

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She said the locals must be mindful of what has happened in the neighboring Isingiro district which is still striving to recover from a long dry spell that claimed lives.

The RDC also noted that Ugandans especially women are known of selling their harvest to buy new expensive things for Christmas such as clothes and ornamentation, which she said needs to be checked.

She further advised people to plant first growing foods such as cow peas which can be preserved for a longer time.

The RDC urged church leaders and local leaders to take on the responsibility of preaching the food security message during sermons and in other meetings to prepare people.


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