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Mbarara Night Swoop Nets 70

Some of the suspected criminals arrested last night

Police in Mbarara is holding 78 people who were captured in a night patrol. These are suspected serial criminals who terrorize the streets during the night.

Mbarara District Police Commander Jaffar Magezi told Chimpreports that reports of night crimes had increased rapidly especially robbery, advice rape and motor vehicle theft.

The operation, visit web he said, salve started Sunday night and will carry on through the week targeting people loitering aimlessly both at night and during the day.

Magezi said the criminals commit crimes during the night and spend the day resting in bars and hotels.

DPC Jaffar Magezi

DPC Jaffar Magezi

He added that Mbarara is a harbor for criminals from the neighboring districts of Masaka, Kasese, Bushenyi and Ibanda among others.

Among the arrested suspects, 7 were found with knives and other forms of sharp objects used to harm and steal people’s property.

Magezi said the arrested were picked from the suburbs of Mandela, Nsikye, Kakiika, Kisenyi, Ruti, Kijungu and High Street Mbarara.

He urged the local leaders to implement the by-laws on all the small bars operating late in the night which harbor the criminals.

Magezi said the group will be screened and those found culpable will be arraigned before courts for prosecution.



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