Mbarara Mayor Kakyebezi Wants Town Clerk Fired

The Permanent Secretary Ministry of Local Government Ben Kumumanya has directed the Ministry’s Senior Inspector and Principle Inspector to investigate corruption accusations against Mbarara Town Clerk Munono Baryantuma.

The team from Kampala arrived in Mbarara last week to look into Mr Munono’s office misuse allegations.

In a meeting that sat at the Municipality Hall yesterday, ambulance councilors asked the senior inspector Ms. Ruth Gyayo and Principle inspector Steven Koma to do what it takes to get to the bottom of these claims.

Councilors led by their Speaker Bonny Tashobya and Lord Mayor Robert Mugabe Kakyebezi confirmed that the town clerk manipulated 3 different budgets of the council.

Mayor Kakyebezi told the 2 officials from the ministry that if Munono is not taken away from Mbarara, there will always be mistrust and councilors are not willing to work with him anymore.

“For the few month Munono has been away (on leave), there has been peace in the municipality leadership but the moment he returned it’s as if my councilors have seen a lion, I cannot remain in this confusion; as politicians we only want to see the continuity of service delivery to our electorates at the end of our term; let us not hide things again the man is out of my hands,” said the mayor.

Inspector Ruth Gyayo said that on assessment, they observed few irregulaties and that they will make a report and submit it to the permanent secretary in the ministry of local government.

However, she said every day is a learning process and that a serious training is needed for the local leadership to know their roles, inductions and processes in the local system governance.


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