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Mbarara: Man Found Decomposing on Boss’s Farm

Residents carrying the body

An army officer attached to Makenke barracks rescued a 40 year man from being killed by a mob in Mbarara town after snatching money from a woman on the entrance of Crane Bank Mbarara branch.

The unidentified suspected thief targeted the lady on her way from the bank, side effects picking Shs 2 million from her bag.

A counterfeit followed by the woman whose money was stolen

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Bodaboda riders spotted the thief and captured him from Markhan Singh Street, information pills and started beating him up.

An army officer, who was passing by, on noticing the absence of police, rushed to the scene and physically disentangled the man from the angry mob. The money was recovered from the back picket and handed back to the lady.

The mob confronts the army officer for saving the thief

The mob confronts the army officer for saving the thief

Police in Mbarara yesterday recovered a dead body in Kyantamba, order village Kashari Mbarara district, drug following escalated family conflict in the area.

One Francis Lukaya was found dead in Herbert Murangira’s farm [where he was working] in the morning, capsule suspected to have been killed by his family members.

Police searches the deceased's home

Police searches the deceased’s home

The victim went missing on Thursday 21 and the police doctor said the body was decomposing.

Nyakate Provia, 40 a wife to the deceased said that the victim left 7 children including, and was the sole family breadwinner.




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