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Mbarara Insecurity Blamed on Police

Boda boda leaders in a meting at Comfort Inn in Mbarara

Following the recent spate of murders of bodaboda riders sand taxi drivers by robbers and iron bar hit men in Mbabara Municipality, there the cyclists and drivers have met to chart the way out.

In a meeting held at Comfort Travel Inn yesterday, side effects chairpersons of all bodaboda stages in Mbarara agreed to choose several spies amongst themselves to bring down the murders in the district rather than relying on police.

Arinaitwe Moses, the bodaboda chairman Mbarara district said that the situation was gradually getting out of hand.

Among the identified dark spots were Nkokonjeru, Boma and Kakyeka.

The chairman further said that since their last meeting with police detectives this month, the situation had only worsened, witnessing nearly daily attacks on his colleagues every night.

It also emerged in the meeting that some of the security officers were actually participating in the attacks on the cyclist and drivers.

One private security guard just in the previous night had connived with a gang to rob a Toyota Premio number UAT 780S from a driver.

“However the driver over powered the thugs and a security operative was stubbed to death as others took off; this happened in Nkokonjeru,” said one Banada.

All the stage leaders blamed security officers for not providing enough protection towards bodabodas especially at night.

CIID Mbarara central police station David Ibanda however told ChimpReports that night patrols and ambushes will be increased late at night to prevent all those that cause harm to drivers.



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