Mbarara Hospital Pharmacists Arrested for Stealing ARVs

Police in Mbarara has arrested 4 pharmacists at Mbarara Regional Referral hospital, try for stealing HIV drugs.

The arrest was made after the Health Monitoring Team from State House launched an operation in Mbarara this week.

The arrested include Godfrey Tumuramye a pharmacy technician, there Matsika Matenyari a stores officer, Leo Atwine a dispenser and Sixtus Outa a pharmacist, all working at Mbarara Regional Referral Hospital

The four were arrested from Katete Central in Nyamitanga Division Mbarara Municipality on Monday while Godfrey Tumuramye was picked on Tuesday, as the team probed allegations that these were conniving to steal drugs.

Mpata Owagage from the State House speaking to Chimpreports

Mpata Owagage from the State House speaking to Chimpreports

Turamye was found with 16 boxes of government drugs worth 10 million shillings from the referral.

The Assistant Director Health Monitoring Team Mr. Mpata Owagage confirmed that the drugs stolen were ARVS.

“Amongst the people we have in custody here we don’t have a medical doctor, we only have a senior pharmacist of the hospital, 2 pharmacy technicians and a store man.” he said

Owagage called upon the public not to hesitate reporting any health worker that steals and sells government drugs which are supposed to be given out free.

“We all know that these are life saving medicines provided free of charge by the government of Uganda to all Ugandans; donors are cutting their budgets to fund HIV but there is no positive aspect to such doctors stealing the drugs’’ Owagage said

The 4 suspects are being detained and interrogated at Mbarara central police station before being taken to court for misuse of office.


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