Mbarara Farmers Count Losses After Heavy Downpour

Farmers assessing their loss after the heavy rains

Angry voices emerged last evening following disturbing images and footage of an operation that saw a number of opposition leaders and residents arrested and detained in Lyantonde and Kiruhura districts in western Uganda.

Police yesterday, viagra approved on orders of the Inspector General Gen Kale Kayihura, intercepted FDC officials on the Masaka Mbarara highway, to hold them from proceeding with a rally in Rukungiri district that was not permitted.

The aftermath was a number of seriously damaged cars, gunshot wounds and pictures of a woman stripped naked by police officers during the arrest.

The woman has been identified as Fatuma Zaina, a member of the FDC National Executive Committee, who in the September Delegates Conference was elected the party’s secretary for environment and natural resources.

Besigye car at Kaguta road police station

Besigye car at Kaguta road police station

Fatuma’s pictures quickly spread like wild fire on social media and sparked a barrage of pointed words against the police from both the opposition and human rights defenders.

“Uganda Police today you have stripped our country of dignity. Nothing justifies undressing a woman. You are morons.  Uganda doesn’t serve you,” went some of the angry responses.

Zaina Fatuma was  stripped naked by Police officers

Zaina Fatuma was stripped naked by Police officers

“The reason we are alive is because we rejected police orders under Amin. You guys are no different.”

A number of commemorators also expressed fear over what lies ahead, as the country moves closer to the 2016 general elections

Mrs Fatuma, isn’t the first FDC female leaders to suffer gross humiliation at the hands of the police. Activists Hamidah Nassimbwa, Chief Mobilizer Ingrid Turinawe, and MP Nabilah Naggayi have similar ordeals to recount.

Some people suffered rubber bullet injuries during the scuffle

Some people suffered rubber bullet injuries during the scuffle

“What was done is not just demeaning to Fatuma but to all women in this country,” remarked Ingrid Turinawe.

“We know that such actions are meant to intimidate and scare women from being active citizens, from taking part in the affairs that affect their country,” she added.

Earlier in the day, the same police force was accused by the FDC leaders en route to Rukungiri, of making an attempt on their lives.

Some of the FDC officials that were momentarily detained

Some of the FDC officials that were momentarily detained

About five cars were severely damaged in an accident, at Nkoni in Lwengo district, after a police officer allegedly threw a thorn barricade on the highway, ripping the tires of the third car in the convoy, while the trailing ones crashed on it. The police officer who placed the barrier reportedly fled the scene afterwards.

Police in defense however, blamed the officials’ drivers who couldn’t stop in time to avoid the barrier.

“We suspect that one of the vehicles could have had a mechanical fault with its brakes that made the car fail to stop at the barricade,” said Police deputy spokesperson Polly Namaye.

Police also said the action taken was inevitable after the opposition leaders disregarded the IGP’s directives.

“We urge the public to comply with police directives for the purpose of order. If any officer on duty directs you please comply immediately.”

Leader of opposition Hon Wafula Oguttu, who survived this accident called this police’s retaliation a ‘big lie.’

“There was no road block,” he said.  “The truth is that after LOP’s two cars and that of Hon. Taaka passed. RPC Ogwal ordered sudden throwing of tyre cutters across the road just seconds before the rest of the cars arrived. Their target was Dr Kizza Besigye’s car. That was the reason six cars bumped into each other in a row. I believe they wanted to kill or harm KB with the others as collateral damage.”

The Leader of Opposition says the party would have to sue the police for the damaged cars.

Later in the day, Oguttu together with Col Kizza Besigye and the party Chairman Waswa Biriggwa were briefly detained in Kiruhura district a few miles from Mbarara town.

Besigye was later driven back to Kampala by Police

Besigye was later driven back to Kampala by Police

Others who were locked up were party spokesperson Semujju Nganda, Busia MP Kevina Taaka, Jinja East MP Paul Mwiru, Kumi MP Patrick Amuriat Oboi and a host of youth leaders as well as local residents who expressed dissatisfaction at the scene.

These were however, released later in the evening and forced to return to Kampala, Besigye said his program to visit Rukungiri would continue as planned.


The three-month dry spell in Kashari county, visit this site Mbarara district yesterday ended on a devastating note, pills with a daylong heavy downpour which left farmers counting losses.

The rain which commenced on Saturday morning according to locals, destroyed hectares of crop and killed a number of domestic animals as well.

Some of the farmers that spoke to Chimpreports described the rains which came with fierce winds and floods as a disaster.

A number of these said they had acquired loans to enhance commercial farming and are now left with nothing.

“It’s a very devastating famine that is staring at us at the moment,” remarked Kateeba Barugahare, a resident of Mugarusya, in Bubaare Sub County.

Some of the locals said they tried to reach their area MP Hon. Wilberforce Yaguma Rutashokwa who offered no hope.

They are now calling for government relief.




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