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Mbarara District Chairman Calls for Lynching of Criminals

Chairman  LC 5 Bamuturaki speaking to journalits on Friday after the SACCO launch

The LC5 Chairperson of Mbarara District in western Uganda Capt. JB Bamuturaki has urged members of the public to carry out mob justice and not to hesitate to put out a criminal who they catch red handed.

Chairman Bamuturaki made the call on Friday while officiating at the launch of the Rwanyamahembe SACCO in Kyenshama Trading Centre, diagnosis Kashare Sub County in Mbarara district.

At the function which was also attended by a number of police officers the LC5 boss said time had come for the people to find other ways of instilling discipline in their own communities.

He said if the people catch any person committing the crime with the exhibits in place, this site they should not wait for the police.

“I can see that the police are here, link but I tell you now that if you lay hands on a thief with the exhibit or catch someone in another person’s kraal or breaking in someone’s shop, first deal with that person so that they don’t repeat the offense next time. If he is not lucky to survive, then you can call their relatives to come pick the body,” advised the chairman.

Capt Bamuturaki said that government has empowered people to drive themselves out of poverty but thieves remain a major hindrance.

“Criminals are now accustomed to the (Criminal justice) system. They know if arrested and taken to court they will come out on bail. There is no point in depending entirely on this to fight this. Let’s beat you to death and that’s it; that’s the end.”

The chairman thus warned criminals to take heed; “If you know you’re a criminal, your time has come. Society cannot progress with you.”

The chairman also warned the management to take note of people joining SACCOs with no plan, and only keep accumulating debts, noting that this is usually the start of the downfall of the SACCO.

He requested people to embrace saving as one of the ways through which Uganda will cross to the middle income status by 2020.

Rwanyamahembe SACCO started in 2001 and Kyenshama branch was opened on 1st October 2016 which was officially launched yesterday.

The SACCO has UGX 2 billion Uganda in its loans department and assets totaling to UGX 4billion


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