Mbarara Court Compels Fighting Bishops to Reconcile

Bishop Sheldon Mwesigwa speaks to press after reconciling with Nathan Ibrahim yesterday

Court in Mbarara has caused an end to long term misunderstandings between the Anglican Church and the Born Again churches in the western Mbarara District.

For about three years now, this web Bishop Sheldon Mwesigwa of Ankole Diocese and Bishop Nassan Ibrahim of Daystar Cathedral in Mbarara have been in court fighting over defamation.

Bishop Ibrahim accused Mwesigwa of uttering and spreading defamatory statements about him, see labeling him a “devil worshiper” and a supporter of homosexuality.

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The Bishop Mwesigwa allegedly went to deferent churches preaching against Ibrahim, and accusing him of promoting gay practices in some of the best schools in Mbarara including Ntare School and Mbarara High School.

He also produced this message on DVDs and CDs which were on sale on the streets.

The Magistrates Court in Mbarara however, appoint retired Grade II Magistrate Hussein Rugorobi to lead reconciliation between the two clerics.

Bishop Nassan Ibrahi and Sheldon Mwesigwa in court yesterday

Bishop Nassan Ibrahi and Sheldon Mwesigwa in court yesterday

The duo also expressed interest to end the fighting out of court and on Wednesday they commenced and successfully concluded reconciliatory talks.

The talks were witnessed by lawyers of the two parties, Francis Butagira for the defendant and council Ngaruye Ruhindi for Bishop Ibrahim.

Lawyer Butagira afterwards confirmed that both parties had agreed to bury the hatchet.

The lawyer described the three years of the fight as challenging for him, especially seeing such esteemed church leaders using the word of God to assault each other.

On his part, Bishop Nassan Ibrahim said he felt the urge as a Christian to forgive his colleague, and that he did from the bottom of his heart.

Sheldon also said mediation is for all and that they will respect what they signed and will believe and live in harmony.


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