Mbarara Archdiocese Ordains 10 Priests

The Ordained priests and Deacons pose for a photo with Archbishop Bakyenga

The Mbarara Archdiocese’s Archbishop Paul Bakyenga last weekend ordained 11 priests and 13 deacons at the Nyamitanga Cathedral.

Some of the ordained priests were assigned to a number of parishes both in Uganda and outside countries like Malawi. These included among others; Rev. Sem. Didas Muhwezi, Rev. Sem. Vincent Tinkasiimire and Rev. Sem. David Kagwa.

Some of the ordained priests were sent to serve outside Uganda

Some of the ordained priests were sent to serve outside Uganda

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At the event, Bakyenga asked the ordained priests to commit their bodies to God and abstain from worldly temptations that can obstruct their service.

He also asked the priests to extend their services to vulnerable and hopeless groups of people in hospitals and prisons.

“I expect you to be very kind to them; do it for all people including those in prisons and hospitals who need you,” he said.

“People in prisons want the presence of the Catholic Church. They are our brothers who need to be comforted because some of them are imprisoned for nothing.”

At the same function, Archbishop Bakyenga urged Christians to conserve the environment and make efforts to keep it as God intended it in creation.

 “There is no more food because there is a lot of drought all because of human activities” he said.

“God created the world so that we beautify and enjoy it but instead we have destroyed the nature and all the echo systems; we should restore it to the way God handed it to us.”

Minister Epraim Kamuntu and FDC's Francis Mwijukye at the service

Minister Epraim Kamuntu and FDC’s Francis Mwijukye at the service

The function was attended by a number of politicians including; Minster Ephraim Kamuntu MPs Hon. Francis Mwijukye, Olive Koyekyenga, Charles Ngabirano, Mbarara Chairman LC V Capt. JB Bamuturaki and many other religious leaders.


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