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Mbarara: Another Business Man Goes Missing; ‘Wrong Body’ Found

Pregnant wife of Fred Karuhanga at Mbarara Hospital Mortuary

Police in Mbarara have intensified the search for yet another businessman who has been missing for nearly a fortnight.

Fred Karuhanga, check 35, for sale disappeared from Mbarara town on May 2 and his family has failed to locate him.

He is son to Nazario Muhame Bakantoda, who owns a number of businesses in Mbarara.

MISSING: Fred Karuhanga

MISSING: Fred Karuhanga

Karuhanga has been managing some of his father’s businesses including B Plus Hotel, Akanya Pub and Muhame Motor Spares.

Early this week, a decomposing body was found in a swamp in Rubindi and his relatives were called to identify it, including his wife who said it was him.

But on a second look at the mortuary in Mbarara, the relatives told police that the body was not his.

The family believes Karuhanga was kidnapped and murdered.

His father Mr Bakantonda told us he wished the assailants called him and asked him for any amount of money rather than murdering his son.

Commenting on the matter, the Rwizi Regional RPC Robert Walugembe said hunt is ongoing and that he directed traffic police to be keener with vehicles especially those with tinted glasses.

Walugembe also asked the people in Mbarara to always go to taxi and bus parks when traveling.


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