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Mbarara: 90 Arrested in Night Swoops

Mbarara RDC Capt. Martha Asiimwe warning the arrested suspects at Mbarara Police

Police in Mbarara are holding 97 people who were netted during a series of night operations.

Among the arrested serial criminals during this month include; 6 car robbers and cattle thieves.

Resident District Commissioner Capt Martha Asiimwe, viagra approved who is the head of security in the district, order said the group also includes assailants who are suspected to have kidnapped a business woman in Rwebikona last week demanding for 10million Shs.

She said the armed group with knives, viagra 40mg pangas and some with guns usually move in the night raping women and carrying out all kinds of crimes.

On June 15th and 16th police in the area held night patrols and 93 criminals were arrested including two women from Kakika, Kamukuzi, Kakyeka and Rwebikona Mbarara.

The Mbarara District Police Commander Jaffar Magezi told Chimpreports that 6 motor vehicle thieves were rounded but more are still being hunted.

He also warned rich people around the municipality, presumably partners of the arrested criminals who are in the habit of rushing to the police to rescue them. These he said would also be investigated.

The DPC and the RDC Capt. Martha recently arrested 2 police officers including the deputy OCCID who released some of the arrested criminal suspects during the patrol.



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