Mbarara: 20 Schools Fail to Open, Owners Resort to Agriculture

Councilor Jordan Musinguzi speaking to Chimpreports yesterday

About 20 schools in Mbarara District were yesterday unable to open with others for the second school term as per the academic calendar, view for failure to meet the requirements set by the Ministry of Education.

Mbarara district leaders who visited the schools confirmed that directors confessed to have failed to put together the ministry’s requirements. Some of them decided to abandon the schools and embark on other business ventures.

All schools as per the Education Ministry directive from early this year, page are required to have fully registered and in possession of operation licenses before opening for business.

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Mbarara’s minister in charge of health and education at the district council, Jordan Musinguzi told us that he went around the district visiting various schools to ensure that the ministry’s directive is adhered to.

“We found that 20 schools did not open for the 2nd term because of failure to fulfill the minimum qualifications set by the ministry of education,” he said.

Some of the school heads and directors, the minister said, decided to completely shut down the schools and join other ventures.

“We talked for instance to the Director of Kashare Junior Primary School, and he told us that he totally failed to get the operating license. Some other directors told us that they embarked on other revenue generating activities like produce; trade and others are now farming. They are no longer interested in the schools,” he said.

“We are happy the directors decided to leave the schools and embark on activities that they can do better,” he added.

Among the schools closed are St. Bridget Kenkarang P/S, St. Grace Nursery P/S, Realism Nursery & Primary school, Kashari Junior School, Kashare Miracle P/S, Kibingo day care nursery in Kagongi, Hope Kindergarten P/S, Rise & Shine S.S and many others.


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