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Mbarara: 17 Drug Dealers Netted

Some of the culprits netted in the operation

Police in Mbarara has cracked whip on 17 suspected drug dealers in an operation that started on Sunday.

The operation according to Police is targeting the town suburbs where most of the youths use marijuana, pill Mira and cocaine and other drugs.

Some of those apprehended include Godfrey Mukasa who told journalists at Mbarara Central Police Satiation that such operations target them because they are poor and defenseless.

He said that police doesn’t bother hunting for the known rich people in Mbarara Town who open use and deal in dangerous drugs.

Mbarara DPC Jaffar Magezi said that the operation will continue until the Municipality is crime free.

Magezi said that the group was picked from Kijungu behind the Bus Park and Kirehe Ruti in Mbarara municipality.

He said the 17 were found with 2kilograms of cocaine and 3 sacks of mira.

Magezi appealed the local leaders to always inform police about the farmers who engage in planting intoxicating chemicals to be brought to book.

“Police does not work alone but with people who inform us about the wrong doers to avoid delays in case investigations, viagra ” he said

Magezi said the night criminals first take intoxicated chemicals before they embark on other illegal activities.



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