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Mbarara: 14 Year Old Defiled

Siraj Tugume 32yrs with his victim at Mbarara police

Following reports that one of opposition Forum for Democratic Change (FDC) iron lady Beatrice Anywar is set to nominate presidential aspirant Hon Amama Mbabazi during tomorrow’s function at Namboole Stadium, sickness the party has come out stating that they have no time to focus on her since she’s just an individual.

FDC’s Beatrice Anywar and NRM Kween County MP Abdi Fadhil Kisos Chemaswet are breaking the ranks with their political parties to support the ruling party dissident Mbabazi in the 2016 elections.

Speaking to journalists at the party headquarters in Najjanankumbi, link the party spokesperson, Ibrahim Ssemujju Nganda noted that Uganda is now operating a free society where everyone is free to join any political party or organization at a given time.

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“As far as FDC members are concerned, FDC is not a prison; in a free society, people are free to join political parties and organisations according to their choice,” Ssemujju responded.

“We have no problem with anybody who wakes up and says I am no longer FDC and I wish to join, say Go Forward. Likewise, FDC has also had new members joining from different parties and organization and will still have more joining,” Ssemujju noted.

The FDC mouthpiece compared Anywar to former Vice President Prof. Gilbert Bukenya, observing that she won’t be the first one to cross from one party to another.

“Just one person crossing is not a big issue to us; the entire Democratic Party was closed down and sold to Go Forward; she isn’t the first person to be taken away, Bukenya was also traded.”

He however expressed concern over Mbabazi’s move to recruit members of his group by sourcing from political parties.

“In the first place, Mbabazi set an impression that he was leaving NRM with a chunk of party members, we waited and he kept promising us that perhaps after NRM elections, members will join him but this has not happened. Mbabazi only left the party with his wife and children however, we have allowed him space to participate in the opposition.”

Ssemujju reassured the public that the party is still focused on delivering the country from the current regime promising that they won’t relent on that.


Police in Mbarara are holding a man alleged to have defiled a 14 year old girl in Rwampara Sub County.

Siraj Tugume 32, more about a resident of Rukandagye Bugamba Rwampara defiled the minor on Friday night according to police.

The young girl says the assailant had requested her aunt Doreen Atuhaire, with whom she was staying to bringer her to him so he could employ her as a bar attendant.

When the deal failed she says, Siraj attacked her at 8; 00pm on her way to buy salt at a nearby shop.

She was diverted to the bush where Siraj forced himself on her for minutes, with no one coming to rescue.

Siraj however denied the allegations saying that he had gone with the aunt and a girl to a bar where they has a few beers, only to be picked up for rape the following morning.

OCCID Chiriga Taban confirmed the arrest and said that Siraj will be taken to courts of law and charged with aggravated defilement.

The case is registered as on CRR/214/2015 at Mbarara central police station.


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