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Mbarara: 13 Arrested in Private Dance Shows

The group of necked dancers who were arrested in Mbarara on Fridy

Police in Mbarara have arrested a group of nude dancers in one of the clubs in the municipality.

The 13 suspects who included two men were picked from Ground Zero Club in Ruti cell, unhealthy Nyamitanga division in Mbarara Municipality.

The group was caught red handed performing on stage while naked last Friday.

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One of the suspects Steve Chan told Chimpreports that part of the group is hired by club owners from Kampala. The others he said are teenage girls some of them school children from Mbarara, who are recruited into stripping in various clubs Mbarara and Kabale.

Some of the dances are hired from Kampala

Some of the dances are hired from Kampala

Chan said they are usually transported on Friday to perform for 3 days during the weekend in Pine Club in Kabale district.

The suspects pleaded for forgiveness, saying that they were looking for survival and told police that if pardoned they would not return in striping.

However the DPC Jaffar Magyezi declined the group’s request, saying that the performances on stage by such young ladies were unfortunate and shocking to the society of Ankole.

Magyezi said some of the necked performers that police picked were school children some of the 15years old. He accused parents for not playing their role of protecting their children.

He advised the parents to always report such stubborn children to police so that they are remanded to rehabilitation homes.

He also said that as police they are mandated and will always close all the clubs performing private shows in the district.

The DPC said the suspects will be handed to court and charged for being a public nuisance.


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