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Mbabazi’s TDA Majority Was Insignificant – Besigye

Dr Kizza Besigye and Hon Amama Mbabazi are expected to run for president in the 2016 elections.

If elections were held today whom would you choose as the best candidate (between Besigye and Mbabazi) capable of defeating President Museveni?

You can only vote once. .

Results of this online poll will be published on Saturday morning (November 3). Follow the link below to vote your candidate now.

Seven out of nine entities may have supported Former Prime Minister Amama Mbabazi as the single opposition candidate to represent The Democratic Alliance [TDA] in the 2016 general elections, cost http://crunchydomesticgoddess.com/wp-content/plugins/woocommerce/includes/class-wc-session-handler.php but this still wasn’t representative of the actual majority, FDC’s Col Kizza Besigye has said.

The opposition coalition formed a few months ago to front one candidate against incumbent President Museveni in next year’s elections, last week failed to reach the anticipated consensus and gave in for both Amama Mbabazi and Kizza Besigye to run on their respective tickets.

Mbabazi’s candidature was endorsed by seven parties namely; Democratic Party (DP), Go Forward Pro Change, People’s Progressive Party (PPP), Uganda Federal Alliance (UFA), Uganda People’s Congress (UPC) of Dr Olara Otunnu, Pressure for National Unity (PNU) and JEEMA. Dr Besigye on the other hand was only endorsed by his own party, FDC and Conservative Party (CP) of Ken Lukyamuzi.

While delivering the news to the country on Wednesday, DP’s vividly distraught Norbert Mao sparked controversy when he proceeded to announce Hon Amama Mbabazi as the TDA’s picked single candidate.

While speaking on a televised interview this morning, Col Kizza Besigye said the coalition consensus wasn’t meant to be and that Ugandans would have been shocked if the opposition leaders managed to unite under it. He also termed the failure of the coalition as a blessing in disguise.

While seven parties voted against his candidature, the FDC flag bearer stated that this wasn’t representative of the real majority since; basing from the previous presidential elections, all the parties’ votes combined would not add to a quarter of what he got.

“If you have a company, it’s not the number of shareholders in the room that vote. It’s the shares they hold that vote.  I could be one shareholder making decisions for the whole organization because I hold majority shares,” said Besigye.

“Those of us who have participated in the past elections we have a clue [about what we represent in terms of support]. Elections were rigged but I still managed to get 2million votes. This clue guides us to know that among the seven [in support of Mbabazi] who participated in the previous elections, all their votes put together don’t amount to a quarter of what we got.”

“Mbabazi and Bukenya on the other hand have only contested in the constituencies for parliamentary positions, so we didn’t know how many shares they came with on the table.”

Dr Besigye during the interview, said he was disappointed by the ‘disingenuous reasoning’ of some of the TDA members who upon its collapse, wanted to bring back the issue of majorities which was dismissed on the onset.

“If you are talking majorities, it should be about real majority, not just counting the faces of people.”

Get your own support

Dr Besigye also expressed displeasure that Mbabazi was inclined to fight for support from the opposition parties rather than concentrating on pulling voters from the NRM where he came from.

“The NRM people are having a field day. I am told that so far Mbabazi has nine members of parliament from the FDC who support him. He has not shown a single one he has brought from the NRM,” noted Besigye.

During last Wednesday’s press address Hon Amama Mbabazi said there would be about 5 million NRM supporters who would be voting for change in the coming elections.

These Dr Besigye said should be Mbabazi’s point of focus, rather than aiming at splitting the opposition support.

“If he can get those 5 million supporters, he would win the election without even having to go for a rerun. It will be absurd if Mbabazi is now fighting for opposition supporters. He should focus on the perceived constituency he is bringing on board,” added Besigye.


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