Mbabazi’s Letter to Museveni Emerges: “Your Time is Up”

Police in Kampala is hunting for two men, viagra 40mg treatment Eddie Ssemwanga and Muwulya Richard for conning a city engineer of Shs 8 million, ailment promising not to leak is nude pictures to the media.

These two early this year, viagra with the help of one Linda Ziwa a student at Multitech Business Institute in Kampala,  used a mobile phone to call Engineer Michael Daka to initiate their mission.

Police says Linda, pretending to know Mr Daka, managed to seduce him on the phone to meet her.

The engineer first resisted to meet her because it was Easter period and he was preparing for his family holidays but with her persistent calls, he later gave in, and the two had their meeting which did not go well.

In the statement Eng. Daka recorded at Central Police Station, he said on visiting Linda’s room in Kasubi he was undressed by two men, who then shot his pictures as he was on the bed with the host and later asked for ten million shillings in order not to leak them.

“On that Easter Monday while I entered Linda’s house, I had Shs 100,000 in my wallet. I sent her to buy me refreshments but on return, she came along with two men who attacked me, with one calling himself an uncle to Linda. He accused me for wasting the money they spent on her education” Daka reported.

Daka added that the men asked the girl to undress and they took their naked pictures before asking him to produce 10 million if he didn’t want his pictures in the media, which he didn’t have.

“We kept haggling and the reached 8 million. They escorted me from Kasubi to Barclays bank Garden city branch where I withdrew five million shillings and handed it to them.”

Daka added that a few months later he was surprised to find that the same pictures had been leaked to a local tabloid.

Kampala metropolitan spokesperson Patrick Onyango says that the hunt started after the arrest of Linda who told police that she got the Engineer’s contact from the accused two.

“We call upon anyone with information about these two men to come to CPS or report it to a nearby police post,” said Onyango.

Presidential aspirant Hon Amama Mbabazi has penned a gripping letter to President and Chairman of his NRM Party Yoweri Museveni, capsule asking him to wake up to the fact that his leadership as he head of nation has expired.

Mbabazi in the daunting letter dated June 13, thumb 2015, informed Museveni that while Ugandans like in the past still need peace and stability, they now need and demand more things that he [Museveni] and his current regime are unable to provide.

Mbabazi declared his intention to contest in the coming 2016 election on Monday morning, much to the dismay of President Museveni.

The President later in the evening invited Mbabazi at State House in Entebbe and urged him to renounce his candidature which Mr Mbabazi downrightly declined before reading him the letter.

He informed the President that while he remains loyal to his NRM party, his greatest devotion and allegiance is now fixed upon his country Uganda and its people.

In the three page document, Mr Mbabazi enlisted and commended a number of achievements that President Museveni’s government has achieved over the past 30 years, but rushed to add that as Uganda’s redeemer; Museveni had successfully laid the foundation for economic transformation and democratic government and should let someone else take over from there.

“When we look at all our accomplishments, it is clear we still face many more challenges. These are in brief; to transform the economy, fight corruption, tackle the scourge of unemployment, provide universal and superior quality health care, education, address the skills gap and strengthen rule of law among others,” he said.

“Uganda is at the crossroads; stuck between old and new and very different economic development stages. Our future leaders need to understand this.”

The former Prime Minister, who was also thrown out of the NRM party leadership last year, reminded the president that his struggle which started in the 1960s was to cause a revolution and that that he had achieved.

“What FRONSA begun and NRA achieve was a revolution. This was akin to building a foundation of one’s house. But now we must build upon our achievements; constructing the pillars and columns that will elevate our nation to new heights.

He went on to criticize Museveni, whose government he said is currently filled with ‘fortune – hunters’ that are clearly unequipped to stay the post-liberation course.

He stated, “A numbers of those in the leadership reject various facets of the 21st Century modernity that have become essential to efficiency and advancement in other parts of the world.”



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