Election 2016

Mbabazi Warns Museveni After Police Raid: “Guns Won’t Save You”

Amama Mbabazi addresses press at the Go Forward Offices in Nakasero on Monday. [Photo by Sadab Kitatta]

Independent Presidential Candidate Hon John Patrick Amama Mbabazi has irritably reacted to this morning’s raid by police on his campaign head offices in Kampala in which about 30 people were arrested.

The raid which was conducted by Uganda Police’s Flying Squad saw majorly male staffers at the Go Forward offices on Plot 29 Nakasero, generic illness http://curiousmediums.com/wp-admin/includes/comment.php apprehended and whisked away.

The Monday midmorning arrest is believed to be in pursuit of individuals in Mbabazi’s campaign team who purportedly led the attack on President Museveni’s supporters in Ntungamo district 8 days ago.

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According to the Go Forward Communications Director Mrs Josephine Mayanja Nkangi, http://danielborda.net/wp-content/plugins/jetpack/json-endpoints/class.wpcom-json-api-list-roles-endpoint.php three other guests who were visiting the offices to meet with Mbabazi were also rounded up in the swoop.

Eyewitnesses told media that among others arrested were six security guards, http://daiviet.us/wp-includes/class-snoopy.php a cleaner, mobilizes and ordinary workers.

“I was in the kitchen making tea with four others when a policeman came and pointed a gun at us. We were lucky that the entrance was locked,” one of the staff members was quoted.

While addressing press after the raid, Mbabazi cautioned that he would not sit back and watch the NRM party misuse government institutions to trample on the rights of his supporters.

He warned President Yoweri Museveni who yesterday vowed to make (Mbabazi’s) men regret the Ntungamo actions, that his “guns would not help him.”

“It’s not enough to have weapons and all arsenals and think you will always be in power,” he said.

Mbabazi further termed the President’s actions as “engaging in a futile attempt to usurp the will of the people”

The Go Forward candidate elucidated on the clash in Ntungamo, that it was the NRM supporters who provoked them, first by invading their rally and proceeding to attack their convoy with stones.

“We are not for once, in breach of any law. The acts of Ntungamo were in self defense. Have you heard any of those who wanted to burn my car or who threw stones at my car being arrested,” queried Mbabazi.

The former Prime Minister listed several occasions where his campaign team and supporters have come under physical attack from NRM people, in which police took no action.

“My Supporters in Gulu town were tortured; a young man was burnt for refusing to denounce me,” he said.

Amama Mbabazi has since suspended his campaign following the Ntungamo incident. He revealed today that he needed to “go back to the drawing board to see how we shall manage a campaign full of violence and abuse of state authority.”

While the Inspector General of Police General Kale Kayihura rushed to the district and vowed to apprehend Mbabazi’s security team members who he accused of leading the assault on the NRM group, Mbabazi stated today that Kayihura was only but following orders from the president.

“Those who are blaming Kayihura don’t know how things work. Kayihura wouldn’t do anything unless ordered by Museveni,” he said.

Meanwhile Mbabazi revealed that his team is working on ways to counteract today’s events.

“I had a meeting with our lawyers this morning, and I am sure that action is being taken. Some of the options we have include applying for Habeas Corpus to force police to produce those who were arrested today,” he said.



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