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Mbabazi Supporters Face Court over ‘Theft’ at Mbarara Bank

Bright Muhumuza (in red shirt) and others protesters being taken to Mbarara Police Station (Joshua Nahamya/CR)

The commission set up by President Museveni to investigate the fraudulent dealings within the Uganda National Roads Authority was on Tuesday shocked by a revelation of how government lost over Shs 2bn in procurement of a ferry that was meant to be used on Lake Kyoga.

According to Eng. Herbert Mutyaba, sick erectile http://cleanenergybiofuels.com/wp-includes/class-wp-http-ixr-client.php Acting Manager Mechanical Services in UNRA (previously mechanical engineer for ferries), viagra order he was part of the evaluation team that recommended that a new ferry be procured to be used on L. Kyoga.

Eng. Mutyaba told the commission that 7 companies submitted their bids to supply the ferry to UNRA.

These included Dutch Med international, Damen Ship Yards BV, Sykes Marine Limited, Gumatex Enterprises, African Development Incorporation and Earth Wise Limited.

“At the first evaluation stage, two companies among them Damen Ship yards BV and another were rejected for being non-compliant and only five companies remained in the bidding process,” Eng. Mutyaba told the commission.

The 39-year-old engineer said the first two companies were not considered because their documents were not authentic as most of the information had just been downloaded from their websites which was unacceptable.


The engineer told the commission that after two more evaluation stages, they came up with Dutch Med International and Damen Ship Yards BV – both from Netherlands as the successful bidders yet the latter had been kicked out in the first evaluation stage.

Accordingly, Dutch Med International had budgeted for a total of 1.4 Million Euros (Shs4.28Bn – then exchange rate) whereas Damen Ship yards BV (that eventually won the contract) was to supply the ferry at 2.2 Million Euros (Shs6.37Bn).

“As a team, we were satisfied that Damen Ship Yards BV were the best financially and technically and we awarded them the contract,” Eng. Mutyaba told the commission.

According to the findings of the commission, the Dutch company that won the contract should not have been in position to do so after being knocked out in the first evaluation stage yet it was charging Shs2bn more than Dutch Med International.

He further revealed that UNRA carried out a re-evaluation for all companies that had not gone through the three stages and that’s how Damen Ship Yards BV came back to the bidding process after being knocked out in the first place.

Ferry Taken to another Destination

The commission was again shocked to hear that the ferry that had been purchased to be used on Lake Kyoga was however diverted and finally delivered to Obongi in West Nile.

Eng. Mutyaba however denied having a hand in the diversion of the new ferry from its original destination to Obongi .

Mix up

According to Eng. Retrid Kiiza, who was the chairperson of the evaluation committee, the bidding documents for the ferry were mixed up and he later realized there were different versions.

The retired engineer said UNRA had a lot of disorganization in all its committees which often led to loss of huge sums of money.

The engineer also told the committee that the ferry supposed to be taken to Lake Kyoga was later delivered to Obongi but was more expensive than what they had wanted to buy.

“It must have been forces outside UNRA that decided that the ferry goes to Obongi other than L. Kyoga,” Eng. Kiiza  told the commission.
Supporters of Presidential hopeful Amama Mbabazi will face court after a customer of Centenary Bank in Mbarara reportedly lost a staggering Shs 600, order http://citizenspace.us/wp-admin/includes/ms-deprecated.php 000 in today’s demonstration, police announced Tuesday.

Acting Mbarara DPC Jaffar Magyezi said Joseph Kiiza, Bright Muhumuza and Benson Muntu Bakinyenza refused to liaise with police in organising a demonstration in Mbarara town, leading to violence.

The trio is currently held at Mbarara Police Station.

“The arrest of Mbabazi supporters followed their refusal to follow laws in this country as they went ahead to stage demonstrations without alerting police, something that puts security at stake in Mbarara town,” said Magyezi.

“They staged the demonstration near Centenary Bank, Mbarara branch where one of the customer’s huge sums of money went missing. It is suspected the group was involved in the theft,” said the police officer.

He did not reveal the identity of the aggrieved bank customer.

“This group will be presented before court to defend itself against accusation of the theft,” Magyezi added.

Mbabazi supporters holding Mbabazi posters in Mbarara Town on Tuesday

Mbabazi supporters holding Mbabazi posters in Mbarara Town on Tuesday

Street battle

The protesters said they intended to alert Ugandans on the narrowing space for free expression.

Holding placards denouncing president Museveni’s government, Mbabazi supporters marched along the High Street as they distributed flyers and banners bearing the photo of the former Prime Minister.

They claimed Museveni’s overstay in power has caused more harm than good to peaceful Ugandans.

Joseph Kiiza, the Isingiro District Youth Councillor said the motive of the demonstration was to show people in Mbarara and the country at large that the living conditions in the country were deteriorating.

“We shall do everything in our means to cause a transitional government. You can see how the police are holding us as if we are useless citizens of this country; we are tear-gassed day and night but we believe change must take place,” said Kiiza.

He further revealed that Mbabazi’s supporters sought police permission last month to hold an assembly in Mbarara which was rejected.

“But we will continue supporting Mbabazi till he is sworn in as the president of this country.”

Police have previously warned Mbabazi’s supporters against what the law enforcement body describes as “premature electioneering”.

Magyezi said “acts of hooliganism disguised as political activities will not be tolerated in this town.”

The suspects are currently detained at Mbarara Police Station.


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