Mbabazi Supporters Arrested in Masaka

Mbabazi announced his 2016 presidential bid last Monday (Photo: Kenneth Kazibwe/ChimpReports)

The opposition Democratic Party (DP) has called upon President Museveni to stop panicking over former Prime Minister, medications and http://datedgear.com/wp-admin/includes/import.php Amama Mbabazi’s declaration to stand against him during the party primaries but rather prove that he is strong enough.

“President Museveni shouldn’t be panicking now, more about http://dentistryatthepark.com/wp-content/themes/twentytwelve/page-templates/front-page.php it is time for him to prove that he is indeed made of steel as he has always claimed, http://deltaalphapihonorsociety.org/wp-includes/feed-rss2.php ” DP spokesperson, Paul Kenneth Kakande mocked while addressing the party’s weekly press briefing at City House in Kampala.

Kakande told journalists that it is time for president Museveni to put his house in order by solving any internal bickering that might tear the NRM party apart.

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The DP spokesperson re-echoed that it is now time to test the party’s internal democracy and transparency which can later be reflected country wide.

He condemned the move by police to intimidate Mbabazi and arresting his supporters noting that these have a right to follow and support a leader of their choice.

“Our police has been reduced to the task of pulling down posters of Hon. Amama Mbabazi while leaving those of president Museveni flying over the country; it’s very absurd that police have abandoned their role of protecting and preserving the rights of every Uganda despite their belief.”

“Mbabazi shouldn’t be victimized since his ambitions are protected by the country’s constitution which in case supersedes the Kyankwanzi resolution that ushered in the sole candidate project.”

He added on to say that the party considers every Ugandan who feels capable of running the country has a right as provided for by the country’s constitution to offer himself for the presidential race.

“We welcome Mbabazi in the field but however warn him that it is a tough terrain and should be prepared to Rambo,” Kakande concluded

Police have arrested four people suspected of distributing banners, help http://centristnetblog.com/wp-includes/class-wp-site.php posters and fliers in Masaka town promoting presidential hopeful Amama Mbabazi’s 2016 candidacy.

The banners and fliers read, treat http://cmd-kenya.org/institute/wp-includes/rewrite.php ‘Welcome Mbabazi 2016, information pills we are behind you’.

Police did not reveal the identities of the suspects nabbed in a security operation carried out in Masaka and neighboring districts of Kalungu, Lwengo and Rakai.

According to Greater Masaka Police spokesperson, Noah Sserunjoji, the suspects are currently held at Masaka Police Station for interrogation.

He said the Electoral Commission is yet to authorise election campaigns, adding, early electioneering is illegal.

The number of Mbabazi’s supporters arrested in the last two days remains unknown.

But Police maintain they have a good number behind bars.

Mbabazi on Monday announced plans to stand for president in 2016.

Supporters of the former NRM Secretary General across the country quickly stormed the streets in their respective urban centres to circulate posters promoting his presidential bid.

Mbabazi later held a meeting with Museveni and top NRM officials at State House, Entebbe.


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