Mbabazi ‘Presidential Bid’ Divides Rwenzori Youth

The wrangles among members of Rwenzori NRM Youth Platform over former secretary NRM Amama Mbabazi’s anticipated presidential bid have deepened with the organisation’s leader being expelled, site http://davenportchiropractic.com/wp-content/plugins/all-in-one-seo-pack/aioseop_performance.php Chimp Corps report.

In January, price http://csrf.net/wp-includes/embed.php President Museveni presided over the launching of the Rwenzori NRM Youth Platform where he refused to release a single coin to support their activities.

Museveni argued that the money would instead divide the youth before advising them to liaise with the UPDF wealth creation teams to engage in agricultural activities to eradicate poverty.

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Yet, cure the Platform was formed with the main purpose of promoting NRM ideology and president Museveni’s sole candidature ahead of the 2016 general elections.
In May, the platform’s chairman Patrick Kamulindwa expelled his deputy, Hidden Basiima; Assistant Treasurer Stella Kemigabo and Ntoroko Chairperson, Olivia Mutamba; whom he accused of joining Mbabazi’s camp.

Kamuhanda said the trio had betrayed the spirit of forming the organisation and President Museveni’s trust.

The trio denied the charge before dragging Kamulindwa to court for defamation.

The expelled members further accused Kamulindwa of being harsh after demanding that he provides accountability for the Shs10m he received from president Museveni through Minister Adolf Mwesige after the launch of the platform.

In the new twist of events, on Wednesday afternoon, a section of platform members
from Ntoroko, Kabarole, Kyenjojo and Kamwenge held a crisis meeting at
DAJ Guest House in Fort Portal where it was resolved to expel their chairperson Kamulindwa.

They accused Kamulindwa of “incompetence, dictatorship and mismanagement of the platform funds.”

Reading the resolutions, Kyenjojo Youth Chairperson, George Mutalesa said, “We have unanimously agreed to free Kamulindwa of his duties as chairman of the platform, ordered him to account for the mismanaged funds and not to transact any business on behalf of the Platform”.

He added: “We’ve appointed his vice Hidden Basiima to replace him. Our new chairman will convene a general meeting in 40 days to elect the new executive”.

The latest development underscores the youth’ determination to milk money from politicians ahead of the 2016 elections.

During campaigns, electoral candidates normally channel funds through such organised entities of leaders.

Basiima and Mutamba denied allegations of meeting Mbabazi as alleged by Kamulindwa.

On his part, Kamulindwa charged: “These members have no authority and mandate to expel me from the platform. I still hold office and possess the office keys. I have the constitution and all the office documents.”

He further stated that his executive will not allow Basiima, Kemigabo and Mutamba back in their platform “because they support Amama Mbabazi who is a rebel NRM member.”


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