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Mbabazi: I am the Leader You Need for Change

Mbabazi being welcomed by crowds in Mbale town recently (Photos: Kenneth Kazibwe/ChimpReports)

Amavubi head coach, about it http://dchnf.dk/wp-includes/nav-menu.php John McKinstry has summoned a total of 26 players to prepare for the international friendly match against Gabon on Saturday 12th September at the Amahoro stadium in Kigali.

The player’s mainly local based players resumed training on Monday and will be camping at the La Palisse Hotel Nyandungu.

Seven new players that were part of Saturday’s squad that fell 1-0 against Ghana in an Afcon 2017 group H qualifier replace six internationals who have since returned to their clubs.

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The six internationals include; Quentin Rushenguziminega (Lausaane Sport, stomach http://couponsavingfamily.com/wp-admin/includes/class-theme-upgrader-skin.php Swiss), Emery Bayisenge (Lask Linz, Austria), Salomon Nirisarike (Sint Truiden, Belgium), Niyonzima Haruna (Young Africans, Tanzania), Abouba Sibomana (Gor Mahia, Kenya) and Jean Baptiste Mugiraneza (Azam Fc, Tanzania).

They have been replaced by goalkeeper Marcel Nzarora (Police), Amani Uwiringiyimana (unattached), Janvier Mutijima (AS Kigali), James Tubane (Rayon Sport), Mohammed Mushimiyimana (Police), Kevin Muhire (Rayon Sport) and Innocent Habyarimana (Police).

Rwanda is using the games to prepare for 2016 Africa Nations Championships (Chan) which they will be the hosts from January 16 to February 7, 2016.

Full squad:

Goalkeepers: Olivier Kwizera (APR), Jean Claude Ndoli (APR), Eric Ndayishimiye (Rayon Sports) and Marcel Nzarora (Police)

Defenders: Michel Rusheshangoga (APR), Fitina Omborenga (SC Kiyovu), Jean Marie Rukundo (Rayon Sport), Janvier Mutijima (AS Kigali), Celestin Ndayishimiye (Mukura), AmaniUwiringiyimana (Unattached), Faustin Usengimana (APR), James Tubane (Rayon Sport) and Ismael Nshutiyamagara (APR).

Midfielders : Mohamed Mushimiyimana (Police), Djihad Bizimana (APR), Yannick Mukunzi

(APR), Amran Nshimiyimana (Police), Kevin Muhire (Rayon Sport), Andrew Butera (APR), Jacques Tuyisenge (Police), Innocent Habyarimana (Police), Patrick Sibomana (APR)

Forwards : Isaie songa (Police), Ernest Suriga (AS

Kigali), Dany Usengimana (Police) and Michel

Ndahinduka (APR).
Former Prime Minister Amama Mbabazi has made his first public rally as a presidential aspirant in the 2016 elections, price http://dangerdame.com/wp-content/plugins/contact-form-7/modules/submit.php decrying the status of Uganda’s public service sector and heavy crackdown on political dissent, this web Chimp Corps report.

Mbabazi who left Kampala at around 8:00am arrived in Mbale at lunch hour before proceeding to Pretoria hotel where he was scheduled to have his first consultative meeting as required of him to collect signatures for nomination as president

He postponed the consultative meeting to conduct his rally.

This was tactful as the consultative meeting would have dragged on with members asking for personal favours yet crowds were already waiting for him.

Mbabazi’s convoy confronted the anti-riot police personnel who had sealed off the main road through the town centre.

Led by James Ruhweza, police directed Mbabazi to use Tororo road to avoid disrupting the flow of traffic and business in the heart of the town.

Interestingly, Mbabazi insisted on using Bishop Wasike road that passes through Mbale town to access Mbale Cricket Ground for the rally.

His supporters cheered him on, saying he should defy police.

Mbabazi later disembarked his bullet-proof car before negotiating with police to allow him pass.

It remains unclear how Mbabazi convinced the police to quickly change their mind and remove the roadblocks.

Mbabazi in an argument with police in Mbale

Mbabazi in an argument with police in Mbale


At around 4:30, he arrived at Mbale Cricket Oval before being initiated into Bamasaba culture as a sign of welcoming him to their area.

Mbabazi was visibly excited by the crowds that welcomed him at the Cricket Oval, saying he had not seen such a grand welcome in a long period he has been in politics and government.

“I have now known why they were stopping me from coming here. I have been looking forward to this day and I am happy it has finally come. It’s a warm welcome for me today,” said Mbabazi.

Folding his sleeves apparently to paint a picture of a presidential aspirant ready to get down to work for the people, Mbabazi spoke with confidence about the liberation struggle which he said traces its roots from Mbale.

“I chose ??Mbale as my first stop because of its historical contribution to our liberation struggle,” said Mbabazi as the crowds listened attentively.

Mbabazi said that Mbale town was used by all East African countries in their fight against colonialists adding that it’s of great importance to the politics of the region at large.

Mbabazi dances after being initiated into the Bamasaba culture

Mbabazi dances after being initiated into the Bamasaba culture

“In the 1950s Moi used to meet with other leaders here in Mbale to discuss ways of fighting for independence. Years later some members came from this place and joined FRONASA as they trained in Tanzania,” he added.

“Since then you have supported the liberation struggle and the war that brought this government to power in 1986.”

By evoking memories of Uganda’s turbulent post-independence era and the role of FRONASA in liberating Uganda, Mbabazi underscore his participating in revolutionary movements that removed dictators Idi Amin and Milton Obote.

Recognising that Uganda has achieved quite a lot following years of oppression and bloodshed, Mbabazi assured that the country’s successes are now recognised worldwide.

Mbabazi flagging his 'Go Forward' sign

Mbabazi flagging his ‘Go Forward’ sign

He was quick to warn against “taking these achievements for granted and forgetting how important our freedom is.”

Unlike most presidential candidates whose messages rotate around removing Museveni from power, Mbabazi tried to tackle issues that affect the common man which include unemployment, weakening shilling and a more theoretical education system which is becoming increasingly irrelevant.

Mbabazi went on to punch holes in President Museveni’s narrative of complete peace across the country, describing it as an “illusion.”

“Day by day we live with the illusion of peace when in actual sense, freedom, justice and rule of law are being eroded,” he fired the shot.

He told the people of Mbale how it has become a “crime to hold certain political opinions,” adding, laws that govern the country were being abused and relegated to the position of simple literature in libraries.

Mbabazi said the prevailing state of affairs is “unacceptable” and that the future will be difficult in solving these issues.

Mbabazi waving at his fans

Mbabazi waving at his fans


“We pay over $ 150 million dollars every year for Ugandans who go out of the country in search for better health services but if that amount was used to build hospitals here, we would have the best health facilities in the whole world,” said Mbabazi.

“We need to have a country free from corruption where those who fail to meet the ethical standards are held accountable. All this can only be achieved through good governance which means accountability and reduction of corruption in the country.”

Remembering that the youth needed more strong language to confirm his determination to take on the bull by its horns, Mbabazi said all and sundry must join hands to “reject bad leadership.”

In what appeared a deliberate strategy to encourage the people not to look on idly when their rights are offended, Mbabazi said government is a group of “servants of the people” who must be held accountable.

Mbabazi held his rally under tight security

Mbabazi held his rally under tight security

Mbabazi called for the revival of democracy in Uganda and strengthening institutions.

He said it’s a pity that the education system has crumbled thereby producing graduates who end up on streets due to lacking jobs.

Mbabazi asked the people of Mbale to join him in a bid to bring about change and good leadership in the country which he said is lacking at the moment.

“Let’s finish the work of liberating the country as I have a dream of becoming the president so that country can change. I ask for your support in my dream,” he told the people of Mbale.

He also rooted for the granting of a city status to Mbale saying the town deserves such a promotion.

He concluded by calling for a peaceful transition of power from one generation to another which is yet to happen in the country.


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