Mbabazi: I am Starting Consultation Meetings on Monday

Amama Mbabazi at he Electoral Commission offices in Kampala recently where he picked his nomination forms

Police are investigating circumstances that led to the death of a couple in Kasese District.

Enosmus Byamukama(30), ailment http://crmsoftwareblog.com/wp-admin/includes/revision.php resident of Nyamwamba Division Kasese Municipality strangled and killed his wife, drug Hapiness Nesigomwe (28) before he committed suicide.

According to one of the neighbours, pharmacy the couple was on Wednesday night heard having a heated argument. They following morning, a lifeless body of Byamukama was discovered hanging from a tree.

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The Police, which was called by the residents visited the scene of the crime and recovered a note apparently written by the deceased.

In the note, Byamukama revealed that he killed his wife because she was very disrespectful he couldn’t stand it any longer.  The note further revealed that he intended to kill himself too.

According to  Bashir Bakari Muga, the Rwenzori region police spokesperson, Byamukama’s body was found hanging from a branch of a eucalyptus tree near the house of the deceased on Thursday morning.

“A Post mortem was done and it confirmed that the wife was strangled to death and the man actually committed suicide,” Bashir said.

The two bodies were later handed over to the relatives for burial.

The deceased left behind a two year old kid.

Presidential hopeful Amama Mbabazi has announced plans to commence his consultation meetings next week, healing http://dan.rabarts.com/wp-includes/main.php Chimp Corps report.

Mbabazi said in a YouTube video on Friday that his countrywide engagements would kick off on Monday, buy September 7.

He did not reveal where he would start from.

Asked by one of his aides whether he would go out for consultations, Mbabazi responded: “Yes, of course. I am.”

He elaborated: “I have given a notice to police and local councils; I hope to begin on Monday, 7th September.”

Mbabazi’s planned consultation meetings were blocked by police in July with the law enforcement body saying he had not fulfilled the requirements of the Public Order Management Law.

Police also advised Mbabazi to harmonise his programme with the Electoral Commission and his ruling NRM party which had denounced him.

The former NRM Secretary General would later rule out standing on the NRM ticket, saying his presidential ambitions had been frustrated by the state’s intimidation and harassment of his supporters.

Asked whether he was still a candidate in the presidential race, Mbabazi observed: “I am not a candidate yet. I am an aspirant. You become a candidate after nomination.”

He further pointed out that he is “doing everything possible to get the things that I require to have to qualify to be a candidate.”

Mbabazi spoke about his meeting with The Democratic Alliance officials in Kampala on Thursday: “I have just been to the summit at TDA where I was invited. I had good discussions with them on the forthcoming elections.”

It remains unclear if Mbabazi will choose to stand as the representative of TDA or independent in the 2016 presidential elections.


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