Mbabazi Counsels Youths On HIV/AIDS

Mbabazi visiting rural Kabale last year

Bishop Joshua Lwere, prescription nurse the Overseer of the Born Again Pentecostal Churches in Uganda, has asked the national armed forces UPDF to expand its foreign expeditions, describing this as a God-given assignment to the army.

Bishop Lwere was speaking at a Thanksgiving ceremony held by the UPDF at army headquarters in Mbuya on Saturday.

The controversial cleric described the current UPDF as a much more transformed, disciplined and very dissimilar from the country’s post-independence forces.

Commenting on the army’s foreign missions Lwere stated, “Fight on, do not listen to distracters, those who say that you should not go to fight for those who cannot fight for themselves, this is an honor from God, we must be our neighbors keepers,” said bishop Lwere.

The UPDF is currently maintaining peacekeeping forces in neighboring South Sudan, Somalia, and the Central Africa Republic.

There’s also tales that an elite unit of the UPDF has been prepared for an expedition in West African Nigeria to counter the Islamist Boko Haram militants.

The various missions have often been criticized by observers as overstraining the national army.

Lwere added that nations that have been ravaged by war should be assisted and so the UPDF has a mandate to fight and help to keep peace both in Uganda and its neighbors.

“You have a mandate to fight those who attack those under attack, and we must be proud of our forces; even when we were in crisis, the UPDF protected us. Uganda has never called in any foreign force to assist them in any conflict,” said Lwere.

He added that those who try to stop what God has sanctioned are wrong, because this is a righteous war and that all those who propagate evil ought to be stopped.

In April last year, the bishop caused a stir when told the UPDF soldiers that God would punish them if they didn’t kill “perpetuators of evil”.

He said, “When you fight righteous war, God is with you. If you don’t kill those who perpetuate evil, God will kill you,” he said.

The message was described by fellow pastors as a “total rebellion against the teachings of Jesus Christ”


The Former Prime Minister John Patrick Amama Mbabazi has asked especially youthful Ugandans to stop shying away from taking HIV/AIDS tests.

This he said should be a duty for every youth to go checkup, viagra 100mg especially when they are still energetic and susceptible to the killer virus.

The advice was entailed in the former Premier’s message delivered by Chairperson UMOJA group Robert Kihembe during the burial of one Barnett Byaruhanga in Kahama village Kanyantoroogo sub county Kanungu district.

The late Byaruhanga lost the battle to HIV having lived with the virus for 26 years.

Mbabazi advised that people should always visit health centers and once found positive, rx should not be afraid of taking ARVs.

The Kanyantorogo sub county district councilor Christopher Kamara said that Byaruhanga had tested HIV positive in 1989 and by the time he started taking drugs in 2005, mind he had only 83 CD4 count.

He also revealed that by the time Burnett was admitted at Bwindi health centre III he had zero CD4 count.

Mourner after mourner described Burnett as God fearing, obedient, disciplined and helpful man.



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