Material Wealth isn’t Success; Mwenda Advises Youth

Andrew Mwenda speaking to youth at Victoria University on Saturday

Ugandan seasoned journalist and CEO of the Independent Magazine Andrew Mwenda has advised the youth in Uganda against the popular skewed perception that views success in terms of material wealth and chunks of money. He instead told them to pursue their passion since it’s the only way they will attain satisfaction in life.

“We live in a society that worships money but do not use money to define what success is. Material possessions are not the key to success. Most historical figures whose ideals we so much revel today
including Jesus, viagra Socrates (philosopher) and Mother Theresa barely owned much or even educated. You can make as much money but still live an empty life or with no love from family,” said Mwenda who
was speaking on Saturday at a career guidance event organized by Victoria University.

Mwenda who was hesitant to point out specific tenets of being successful opposed the idea of people imitating the lives of their icons saying; “You shouldn’t aspire to be like somebody but rather to
become the best of you and achieving things that bring you satisfaction.” According to him, the same qualities that lead people to attaining wealth are the same qualities that lead to losing all the wealth.

“Must I advise you to have a ladder in your library like me? Because you may not be one who is interested in reading. Since my ambition is to become a person who influences governance and policies, reading gives me a foundation to speak with authority,” he added.

He however encouraged students to engage in research and to follow their passion as they pursue their careers as it presents double benefits; money and pleasure.

Ethan Musolini, a professional motivational speaker said that the younger generation must utilize the opportunity of education and also think creatively. He spoke against the tendency of wishful thinking.

“Young people want all the good things in life but they don’t want to get up and work to achieve it. A farmer does not sit and wish for harvest but goes to the garden and cultivating.”

Students looking to join university were also oriented in the courses offered by Victoria University as well as touring the campus facilities. The University Vice Chancellor Stephen Robert Isabasaija asked youth to exploit time which is their biggest resource in order to achieve more

He went on to say that dynamics of education in Uganda have changed which requires more hard work from students if they are to cut through the increasing competition.


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