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Matembe Backs Museveni on Death Penalty

Human Rights activist Miria Matembe speaking at a dialogue on gender based violence on Thursday at Hotel Africana

Women’s and rights activist Miria Matembe has added a voice to President Museveni’s position in defense of the controversial death penalty in Uganda. The vocal ex-politician said that she supports the capital punishment saying there are certain people whose acts deserve no other penalty but death sentence.

“We should maintain the death penalty because people like those who kill others ruthlessly and cut off their genitals and take them to witch doctors deserve death. You can’t just acquit such a person, find ” Matembe told Chimpreports in an interview on Thursday on the sidelines of a dialogue on gender based violence.

She went on to say that while she would advocate for life imprisonment, sildenafil some murderers are often convicted and sentenced only to be released back to society and they unleash more terror. This, according to Matembe is not just.

“I would rather such people stay in prison. Prisons are supposed to reform people but our justice system is abusing this. The significance of the death penalty is to rid society of such inhumane people,” Matembe added.

On Tuesday, while speaking at the pass out of prison officers, President Museveni came out boldly to defend the death penalty which has for long been among the most contentious issues in Uganda.

“We need the death sentence. I know some people have been against it but I am not part of them,” President Museveni said.

Uganda hasn’t made any executions for convicts sentenced to death for the last 10 years. A total of 213 convicts await their fate to be determined by the President who has the discretionary powers to do sign off their execution.

During President Museveni’s 30 year tenure, he has only signed off 2 executions.

Human rights activists who oppose the death penalty propose that the punishment be converted into life imprisonment instead. They say capital punishment infringes on individual rights.


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