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Martyrs Day Update: Thousands Pour in At Namugongo

Pilgrims from neighboring Kenya and Tanzania

Namugongo Shrine is heating up ahead of tomorrow’s Martyrs Day celebrations as thousands of pilgrims from within and outside Uganda pour in.

One by one, no rx http://ciudad-deporte.com/wp-admin/includes/class-theme-upgrader-skin.php groups of pilgrims arrive. Small luggage on the head jerry cans and water bottles in the hand they stretch out in joy, abortion some having completed hundreds of miles of trek.

The pilgrims have begged the residents around Wakiso and Kampala to join them in the walk to the shrine instead of using vehicles.

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Some of the pilgrims at Kyaliwajala heading to Namugongo

Some of the pilgrims at Kyaliwajala heading to Namugongo

“The bible says that the Messiah will not be praised in his home area but he will be welcomed in other areas, so let the people of Kampala look on as we take away all the blessings” Okello a pilgrim from Arua told us.

The traffic flow is still under control with dozens traffic officers deployed on all roads leading to Namugongo.

At the moment, vehicles and motorcycles are not allowed to access the road from Kyaliwajjala town to the shrines.  Only vehicles with VIP stickers are allowed to access the shrines and at a minimum speed to avoid accidents.

A road closed from Kyaliwajala town heading to Nmaugongo

A road closed from Kyaliwajala town heading to Nmaugongo

Business is booming in Namugongo as entrepreneurs dealing in various businesses have already started setting up their stalls.

Makeshift restaurant booths, boutiques are sprouting fast as well as those selling Christian literature, shoes and other decorative items.

Security in Namugongo and suburbs is tight as patrol trucks containing military police officers are patrolling the area, in Kyaliwajala there is a heavy deployment of police officers.

At the catholic shrine security is being managed by police, Special Forces and other security officers dressed in plain clothes.

A Police van for monitoring security outside the cathoilc shrine


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