Election 2016

Mao’s Failed Nomination is Regrettable – DP

President Yoweri Museveni has said the National Resistance Movement party has said the best strategies that have transformed the country ensuring a promising future for everyone.

The president while addressing thousands of his supporters at a campaign rally at Kaberamaido Township primary school in Kaberamaido district assured the people that with NRM still in power, try http://cikza.com/wp-content/plugins/jetpack/sync/interface.jetpack-sync-codec.php Uganda is in the safe hands of steady progress and sustainable stability.

The NRM presidential candidate maintained that a number of developments in various sectors have only been made possible using the country’s own resources because of wise deployment of prioritization.

“We (NRM) have been able achieve all the developments we have today because the party has the best strategies. We now have electricity in almost all districts, sildenafil roads and schools because of prioritization,” Museveni said.

The president blasted those who want to do everything at the same time as jokers who will never achieve beyond talking.

“In NRM we say being in everywhere at the same time is being nowhere. We tackle issues one by one and the system (prioritization) has yielded good results,” He said.

In 2000, he said, when the country was grappling with many challenges on almost all fronts from security, economy and social amenities, he summoned a special cabinet sitting in Gulu town that was under immense threat from the Lord’s Resistance Army.

The extraordinary sitting decided that the security sector should be prioritized first and 26 percent of budget allocation of 2000/2001 from all sectors was directed to defense ministry.

After security, he added, the country embarked on works, education and electricity that have achieved great developments and still remain the highest financed sectors in the country.

In the budget of financial year 2015/2016, the ministry of Works and Transport got the biggest allocation at Shs 3.3tn (13.9%), Energy and Mineral Development git 2.9tn (12%) and Education, Sports and Science and Technology sector got 2.3tn (9.7%).
Democratic Party (DP) spokesperson Kenneth Paul Kakande has said the party is disheartened that their president was denied an opportunity by the Independent Electoral Commission to be nominated for the Gulu Municipality MP seat, viagra buy http://chios.ro/wp-content/plugins/contact-form-7/includes/shortcodes.php on grounds that that he is not a registered voter.

Speaking to journalists after he was nominated for the Nakawa Constituency, more about Kakande said it was regrettable that Norbert Mao, who the EC has proof is a valid voter was denied the opportunity.

“My last knowledge about the status of honorable Mao was that he was a registered voter but I was shocked to hear that he has been rejected, this is quite regrettable and we are all hurt,” Kakande said.

Kakande observed that if the party fails to field a candidate for Gulu Municipality, it would be an act of negligence and a big loss to the DP.

He added however that the party is doing whatever is within its power to field a candidate for the position.

Electoral Commission (EC) Deputy Spokesperson, Paul Bukenya told press that Mao had blown his own chance by failing to present to the Commission his valid national identity card.

Mao on the other hand says by the time of the issuance of the National ID exercise he was critically ill and admitted in a Nairobi Hospital.

Meanwhile, Kakande vowed to offer credible representation to the people of Nakawa Constituency, expressing determination that this time round, his victory won’t be grabbed as has always been.

“We have learnt all the tricks that have been used to rig my victory, and many NRM supporters have now shifted their support to me,” he said.

Kakande is running against the Attorney General, Fred Ruhindi, Olga Agiri, John Eric Ndawula, Shamim Nanyonga, Fred Ssehendo, Martin Lubega and Mohammed Katende



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