Mao’s Back-up Plan Revealed

DP President Norbert Mao

The return of Paul Kenneth Kakande as Democratic Party (DP) spokesman and taking of a break in the daily running of the party by President Norbert Mao being termed as an odd coincidence by an insider.

Last week, more about website http://cikza.com/wp-content/plugins/jetpack/modules/latex.php Kakande was reinstated as the party spokesperson and recommended as the party’s National Publicity Secretary by Mao after a suspension of close to two years.

The source has told this website that after Mao found out that DP Buganda was rising against him with two candidates, visit abortion that is Dr. Lulume Bayiga and the ousted Lord Mayor Erias Lukwago vying for his seat, pilule he decided to run to the UYD faction led by Kakande to rally support.

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While taking a break from the party’s daily activities, Mao noted, “Those who are interested in leading the party should come for the ball it is in my hands, come and get it if you are a good player capable of juggling, I don’t know whether you will get it but I have a team, am not alone.”

The source has revealed that the vibrant UYD faction that had deserted Mao is known for ushering in several leaders to DP and campaigning for Mao as the country’s president.

“Reconciling with UYD is one of Mao’s back-up plans to ensure that he remains relevant to the party. He knows that UYD is very vibrant and will help him.” the source added.

Mao yesterday noted, “There are forces from the Buganda region that are on the forefront of an arbitration to tear the party apart, many of them think a leader should be chosen basing on his ethnicity but I say a leader should be chosen basing on the content of his character, I never filed an application form to be an Acholi but I chose to follow the banner of Bendicto Kiwanuka.”

“If you take long without seeing me on your TV’s and radios, you should know that I have gone back to the land of my ancestors home to recuperate because a bigger battle is ahead for Uganda and not for DP and it needs Mao to be strong.”

Why Kakande came back

The source noted that Kakande’s decision to disagree with NEC and deciding to break from the main party was due to financial greed.

“Kakande’s plans failed once the funders (UK-Conservative Party) learnt about the developments and decided to withhold funding UYD.”

“After funders choosing such a direction, Kakande found it wise to return to the mother party since he was even losing popularity before the public.”




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