Mao: We need to Redefine Defiance

Democratic Party (DP) president, dosage http://dchnf.dk/wp-admin/includes/continents-cities.php Norbert Mao has Tuesday highlighted the need to “redefine” Dr. Kizza Besigye FDC’s defiance campaign if it is to cause the awaited political change in the country.

Unless it is redefined, diagnosis Mao said the campaign  stands no chance against Museveni’s regime.

“Defiance was not invented by Col. Besigye at least to those of us that have traveled and read it is a technique; it is possible to have a united front for defiance, more about ” Mao said.

Mao noted that, “I believe in defiance but I don’t believe in disorganized defiance. In fact disorganized defiance serves only Museveni.”

Mao observed that the only way defiance can yield the expected results is by having an organized group with a clearly defined agenda.

“When we had Walk to Work, there was an organization called Activists for Change led by Hon. Mathias Mpuuga and that’s why it made a difference. We used to meet, discuss our plans and mobilized Ugandans,” Mao remarked.

Mao emphasized that it now is the time to accept that defiance isn’t a technique for office picking but a technique for building a new consciousness among Ugandans that this country is theirs.

“Ugandans need to take responsibility, some Ugandans are waiting for the opposition leaders to unseat Museveni but you are the one groaning under heavy taxes, can’t pay schools fees, can’t pay rent, suffering inflation and can’t afford electricity.”

“The opportunity for us to redefine defiance is there. I will reach out to Col. Kiiza Besigye because there is no one who can alone redeem Uganda; we have got to join hands and this is not about becoming president.”

“For some of us the struggle is not about sleeping in State House; I don’t care who is ultimately sworn in provided the foundations of democracy are there.”


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