Mao: Uganda Needs Dialogue to End Gun Attacks

Nobert Mao

Former Gulu District LCV chairperson, check also President of the Democratic Party (DP) Nobert Mao has said that the government should lay good strategies of dialogue if gun attacks are to be brought to an end.

Mao made the remarks while addressing a press conference on Tuesday at the Party headquarters in Kampala.

“NRM, ailment stop the wrong strategy of engaging in tribal talks. Instead, shop we should look forward to empowering our people, we should look at a national dialogue not on power sharing but looking at where we lost our way. I don’t want to be a prophet of doom but unless we get a serous dialogue gunmen will continue attacking police stations without being permitted,” he said.

Police say commanders of the Gulu and Opit attacks have been arrested.

IGP Gen Kale Kayihura also assured that the situation is now under control, ruling out the possibility of a rebel movement in the attacks.

On his part, Mao advised President Museveni to sort out what he described as dissent within the armed forces.

“Museveni should do a serious housekeeping in his government and in what he calls his army instead of arresting army officers,” he advised.

He faulted the police on the attacks that happened in Gulu on Sunday and Monday accusing them of failing to break the assailants’ spine.

“Gulu Police are too negligent because according to the position of this station, no one can walk away untackled and even Uganda Police has turned to listening to informants than protecting Ugandans.”

President Mao decried the act of government connecting the recent skirmishes to the “unhappy politicians”.

“Most of us on many occasions have been connected to such conflicts for speaking to Kony and the government alleged that we used to finance Kony by buying airtime on his satellite phones which is not true.”

“We are not week as DP but we hate violence. We have young people capable of fighting but that is not our stand, DP is about breaking the cycle of Violence and that is the spirit of Gulu.”

Asked about the whereabouts of his former partner in The Democratic Alliance, Amama Mbabazi, Mao said that, “his [Mbabazi] home is known, his contacts are known, though he was the 2016 presidential candidate we supported and it’s our right to know, but he should be contacted in person.”



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