Mao: Opposition Members on Cabinet Undermines Party Politics

Opposition Democratic Party (DP) president, adiposity http://crcpallc.com/templates/uneedo_j25/warp/systems/joomla/layouts/com_users/profile/edit.php Norbert Mao has accused President Yoweri who yesterday appointed four opposition members to serve as Ministers in his NRM government; of continuously stifling the opposition in the country

Mao told Journalists during the party’s weekly press briefing on Tuesday in Kampala that by appointing ministers from the opposition, drug Museveni’s preparing for the next 5 years to take Uganda’s democracy to the graveyard.

“If Ugandans expected something different from business as usual they were badly disappointed. True to its dominant nature of putting partisan loyalty above the public spirit and competence, online the cabinet is another dose of more of the same,” Mao said.

Mao remarked that apart from the laudable gesture of retiring those who were long overdue like Henry Kajura, Tarsis Kabwegyere and Dr. Nyiira, the cabinet doesn’t represent any change in political path.

Mao criticized Museveni for once again maintaining family members and relatives in all his appointment who included, the first lady Janet Museveni to serve as the Minister of Education and Sports.

“To the politically gullible, the inclusion of some members of opposition parties in the cabinet may appear to represent a spirit of inclusion, however to the adept and keen observers, the inclusion of people like Betty Amongi (UPC), Florence Nakiwala Kiyingi (DP) and Beti Kamya (UFA) in the cabinet is nothing but despicable tokenism,” Mao said.

Mao added that this falls far short of any expectation Ugandans may have had following a disputed election marred with unprecedented rigging and post election brutality and continued repression.

He noted that an inclusive government based on a consensus reached through a national dialogue process.

“In a dialogue process, the direction of the country would be negotiated, we reject tokenism because it simply means trading a few crumbs for a fair share of the loaf of political power. As the Igbo of Nigeria say ‘No one gets a mouthful of food by picking between another person’s teeth’.”

Mao remarked that Uganda is a country that is deeply divided, hurting and is badly in need of healing.

“Museveni’s one man rule ensures that no alternative voice will be heard in cabinet, parliament, the judiciary or even the streets. In terms of democracy, Uganda in the next five years will be nothing more than a political graveyard.”

“We therefore denounce the new cabinet as yet another lever in Museveni’s power arsenal, Museveni and his cabal are presiding over a malevolent and capricious state capture which is clearly seen in the tyranny of the majority in parliament, the elevation of so called cadre judges in the judiciary and the suppression of civil dissent. This cabinet therefore doesn’t represent a new direction. You cannot make an omelet by shuffling around rotten eggs.”






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