Mao: Opposition Leaders Owe Ugandans an Apology

DP President, Nobert Mao addressing journalists at City Hall on Tuesday

Opposition Democratic Party (DP) president, cheap http://creativecommons.org/wordpress/wp-includes/class-wp-post-type.php Norbert Mao has Tuesday observed that the year ending 2016 has left many Ugandans disappointed in the opposition which once again failed to cause the long long awaited political change in the country.

This was during Mao’s 2016 last press briefing were he identified that the failure by the opposition to unite towards the cause of change has been one of the worst scenes of the year.

“2016 was a water shade year by every definition, visit this http://coventryrugby.co.uk/wp-content/plugins/contact-form-7/includes/form-tag.php the government was renewed, http://cocomoonthesea.com/wp-content/plugins/wp-ajax-form-pro/ajax-form-app/includes/class.ajax.form.pro.php a new Parliament and Local governments were elected,” Mao said at City House.

“As DP we participated at the Presidential level as part of The Democratic Alliance (TDA) in which Ugandans had many hopes, many of you walked with us as we tried to come together to give Ugandans hope,” Mao noted.

The DP president observed that all through the negotiations, the question was whether the opposition was ready to put individual ambitions aside and embrace anybody so as to build consensus around.

“We got divided and the reasons why TDA fell apart are extremely embarrassing; there was no reason based on principle, all of us that participated in TDA owe Ugandans a big apology, we should have risen beyond our selfish ambitions, unfortunately we didn’t.”

“Petty reasons started coming, that how could we support someone who had just left NRM. The truth of the matter is that DP has supported all those that are making noise, the only reason was that we were not supporting them this time.”

Mao remarked that DP supported Museveni when he was in the bush, supported Col. Kizza Besigye in 2001 when he left the NRM, fresh from being the chief mobilize of NRM after serving faithfully for 15 years .

Mao called upon opposition members to understand that the struggle for change isn’t a struggle that should be identified by any individual leader but a struggle for all Ugandans.

“2016 was therefore a missed opportunity by the Ugandan opposition and we owe Ugandans an apology for letting them down.”


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