Mao, Nambooze Clash over Buganda Conference

Mukono MP Betty Nambooze is being accused of organizing a regional conference against DP's constitutional provisions

In yet another twist inside the opposition Democratic Party (DP), sick President Norbert Mao has warned the party’s Buganda Region Vice President, Betty Nambooze against organizing the regional conference which he says is illegal.

In a letter read to the media by the Deputy Spokesperson, Alex Waisswa Mufumbiro on Tuesday, Mao says it had come to his attention through a letter that Nambooze was planning to convene a conference.

“Your purported meeting is being convened contrary to the Constitution and a standing resolution of the National Executive Committee (NEC) which requires regional leaders to coordinate their programs with NEC and get prior approval,” Mao responded.

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He said that while other regions submitted plans for their activities to NEC, the Buganda region has not done so ever since a call was made.

Nambooze recently wrote to the party president and other Buganda region party members informing them of a planned conference to take place on March 31 at Nsambya Sharing Hall.

According to the Mukono MP, the meeting is being called in exercise of her powers that are granted to her by the party constitution as a regional vice president.

She among others reveals that the meeting is intended to restore the party to its former glory as well as rebrand it.

However, according to Mao, the meeting is in bad faith and arrogantly undermines the spirit of team work. He warns that such led to the fall of the former party Vice President Buganda region, Ssebuliba Mutumba.

“No one is above the Party Constitution; should you persist on the current course, you will face sanctions for breach of the party constitution. As Regional head and Deputy under the office of the president, you are required to work harmoniously with NEC and the office of the President,” Mao warned.

“I note that despite the high office you hold, you have focused not on uniting the party but rather hate mongering, sectarian mobilization and clique formation. You have insisted on creating a false dichotomy in the party by claiming that we have a ‘good DP’ and a ‘bad DP’ which only strengthen the predatory onslaught of rival parties against DP.”


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