Mao Branded ‘Draconian DP Ruler’

Norbert Mao

Norbert Mao President of the Democratic Party has been daubed by the Uganda Young Democrats (UYD) as a draconian ruler of the opposition party.

The young democrats expressed concern yesterday that President Mao has been taking decisions for the party in total disregard of the set structures.

Speaking to press at their offices at London Chambers in Kampala, cialis 40mg http://dailyniropekkha.com/wp-includes/formatting.php Charles Wasswa the Secretary General of the UYD said Mao had “presented himself as the omnipotent draconian ruler of the medieval era by disregarding all known norms and values of the oldest party in the land”

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Wasswa and the UYD are particularly dismayed by the manner in which the party president appointed on Gerald Siranda to replace the fallen party Secretary General Mathias Nsubuga who passed away on December 18.

Siranda was serving as Nsubuga’s deputy but upon the latter’s death, adiposity Mao took a decision to let Siranda take over as the Party Secretary General, what is ed saying that a new appointment would not be necessary in the short run.

This according to UYD was not in consultation with the party’s national council as should be the case.

In the press address, Wasswa said Mao had no right to take such a decision without consulting the National Council.

Mao however, expressed confidence that Siranda would be able to do what is required of that office.



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