Man Sues TASO for Wrongly Declaring Him HIV+

The Aids Support Organization (TASO) has been dragged to a Masaka Court for declaring an HIV negative man as positive.

Balikudembe Mukasa, pharm a resident of Masaka decided to sue TASO after participating in the organization’s HIV testing campaign where he was told that he was positive and referred to Masaka TASO branch for treatment.

Balikudembe says he later disclosed this news to his wife who got angry and left him, which changed his life.

To be certain, he proceeded to Uganda Cares Joint Medical Research Centre and tested again only for the results to come out negative. He says he went back to TASO and he was found negative.

Balikudembe wants  court to issue orders compelling TASO to pay him for the damages, mental anguish and the loss of his marital life



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